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coping skills

  1. Gummi27

    Sensory Battlefield

    I would like to try and share my journey as a recently diagnosed autistic adult. Learning to reshape how I see myself, and find the line of where I end and others begin.
  2. HelzBelz


    I'm right on the tip of a burnout and know I need to make some changes if I want to stop myself tipping into the abyss, although I don't have the energy to think, process and take action. I've noticed a lot of aspies seem to go through regular burnout - have any of you found ways to cope when...
  3. janie

    The ASD Riddle

    New member Quinny posted a lovely introduction. Once again, warm welcome, Quinny, hope you find cool sand and safe breezes here. Quinny shared a great observation from an insightful therapist yesterday when diagnosed. Thanks, Quinny! I thought could be presented here as a thread topic for...
  4. Nemo

    Fidgets/Coping Mechanisms

    Hi, When I get anxious or hyper focused, I bite my nails/inside of my mouth. Both are unsightly and biting my lip can cause cancer. I desperately want to stop. Does anyone have any insights/recommended fidgets? I'm on a budget here and would like it to be discreet though as I go to a mainstream...
  5. trvp3zoid

    Share Your Coping Techniques...

    Not sure if this will help any of you, but I just wanted to share it and find out some of your coping mechanisms so that they may possibly aid me as well. Since I was a little kid I have been folding my arms across my chest and laying against the back of the couch facing toward it, it feels...
  6. A

    HELP !! With Aspie Friend

    Hello Thanks for taking the time to read this. My best friend has Asperger's. She is also my wife's best friend so we are all very close. I only recently learned she had Asperger's & felt like I knew her but have come to find she is having an entirely different experience than I thought. I read...
  7. WereBear

    Brainwaves app

    I had a kind of public meltdown; in that I had some huge wave of hypoglycemia/cortisol overload and we detoured into a Chinese buffet restaurant because everywhere else was packed and I had some fruit but still felt like I was going to faint so we canceled the work-related errand and dragged me...
  8. WereBear

    I am getting a weighted blanket

    I spent two nights in a hotel room to manage my six hours of diagnostic evaluation in a place four hours drive away. (Congratulations! It's an AspieGirl :) Actually, she said I'm "borderline" officially, but I definitely have High Functioning Autism.) The neat thing is that both nights I folded...
  9. stigmatic

    Overstimulation through emotions?

    So, ever since I heard about the Intense World Theory it's definitely raised questions because I feel like my emotions are way more intense than what someone else feels and with those intense emotions it's like an overload and I usually shut down and get terribly anxious and depressed and have...
  10. Lena_C

    Overexcitabilities and Finding Tribe

    (Not written by me) I got a computer science degree because I thought I hated people. I thought I liked logic, technology, and solvable problems. Yet, the more I look at things, the more I am sure that the best predictor of both resilience and health is social connections and belonging. We...
  11. Ste83ph

    How to cope with disruptive peers in school lessons

    Hi all, I work with teenagers with Aspergers. I come on here from time to time for advice from you guys. So, I'm working with a guy (I'll call him Tim), he's doing his GCSEs, he's pretty independent and has good friends. The difficulty he's having is with coping with school peers who disrupt...
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