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Recent content by Sherlock77

  1. Sherlock77

    Living in hinterland

    I read a blog post awhile back about the characteristics of large cities on the Canadian prairies The population base is quite high, if you call one million people large, but the biggest difference between most other large cities is that the suburban/feeder communities outside the cities here...
  2. Sherlock77

    Living in hinterland

    @Jeepcarpenter I moved from Alberta to Barrie, Ontario in late 1999, for roughly three years I lived there, before moving back to Alberta in October 2003 I know Barrie is a fairly small city, when I lived there it was about 115,000 people as I recall... I did use the city as a base for...
  3. Sherlock77

    Living in hinterland

    Whether you own a British car or not, British Car Day every September is epic, an experience just being there
  4. Sherlock77

    Living in hinterland

    I'm okay, just mulling over things I mull over sometimes, and the word hinterland...
  5. Sherlock77

    Living in hinterland

    It's a term I use lots, I actually think a friend used in an encouragement note many years ago Why do I say that? Living in Calgary... I do enjoy urban life (and my photography), but our urban/downtown area is rather small when I see people who live in ultra-large cities in Canada or...
  6. Sherlock77

    Virtual reality

    A guy I worked with (who may or may not be an Aspie), told me that he used VR during Covid lockdowns specifically, and at least for him was an excellent way to deal with isolation... Not sure which types of VR he was using, because I also believe it can be used to simulate a walk in the woods...
  7. Sherlock77

    Heat wave days and my energy

    But I'm too stubborn and impatient... Something like that... :tongueout:
  8. Sherlock77

    Heat wave days and my energy

    Winter here tends to be snow and cold... I'm most comfortable at about 20 to 25 Celcius, which this summer has not been most of the time, and I almost feel like it's wearing me out... But once Fall comes and cooler temperatures, all the fun festivals are mostly gone too...
  9. Sherlock77

    Heat wave days and my energy

    Here in western Canada most of August so far has been heat wave, and it's starting to look like a whole month of it (possibly) according to most longer term forecasts My struggle with it has been my energy levels, in particular as August is festival season and I love the energy of that, but...
  10. Sherlock77

    I'm in the hospital, can someone stay with me?

    Take care and relax, or maybe dance?... A little something from my evening... Hope it makes you smile a little
  11. Sherlock77

    Making NT Friends

    When I meet people I don't assess whether they are NT or on the spectrum, that's the last thing I do, I don't even think that way I just be myself, I'm a little quirky, some might say eccentric, but that is just me, take it or leave it But I connect on various levels with all sorts of people...
  12. Sherlock77

    Theremin Music therapy

    I'm not sure how to answer, I don't have much knowledge about this
  13. Sherlock77

    What gives you Nostalgia?

    And... This car... A 1977/79 Chev station wagon, I took this photo in 2017, but identical to the one my dad owned for most of my growing up, this is the only one I've ever seen - as a station wagon - since then...
  14. Sherlock77

    What gives you Nostalgia?

    This photo I took this week... It's a 1982 Pontiac J2000 coupe... But I owned a virtually identical 1987 Chev Cavalier coupe for ten years, actually the first car I ever owned... I often pass by this warehouse on the way home from work and see that car... It definitely brings back nostalgia...
  15. Sherlock77

    Just a really difficult photo?

    My final obsession (this time), slowed down and went to a B&W edit after I got home from work, for those who know using the Nik Efex package...
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