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Recent content by Calrid

  1. C

    Are people on the spectrum judgemental toward others?

    Oh yeah we are judgemental, but I like to think not without reason, we are honest to the point of fault. Imagine if you will someone talked to you just because of you, stranger things have happened.
  2. C

    Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

    I think at the end of the day people with a certain disorder and you can name at is you will, seem to like thinking they are the centre of the universe, and find it hard to consider that other people's thoughts matter. Which is fine. Comedy is subjective, being a self serving person who has...
  3. C

    Favorite horror movies?

    They live is really not a horror movie but it is a scary distopian future waiting to happen. Horror films don't really scare me any more though the real world is scary enough. I think the las time I was scared by a horror movie was The Ring, The Korean version.
  4. C

    How can I get a date in my situation?

    Society cares by definition or it would not be a society. That said it's a diffciult situation, perhaps you should care more about, not what society is doing to you but your preconceptions about society. Start with an exercise in how people who are not you, get dates, and then think how you...
  5. C

    Sensory Binging

    I think just by knowing it is unhealthy you know how to cure yourself. That said, there's a ceratin amount of pleasure to testing any bondary, be it noise x or y with Apsergers or x. We just need to find a happy medium where it's healthy, I am a firm believer that a lot of Aneuorotypical can be...
  6. C

    Your forum has so many adverts that its annoyingly impenetrable

    What makes it worse is you know exactly how people with forms of autism are like they see everything at once, so you decide to spam them with everything at once to make them feel chill. It's disgusting this is not an autism forum at all you have no regard for people with autism.
  7. C

    Your forum has so many adverts that its annoyingly impenetrable

    I get you need sponsors, nothing exists in a vaccum but endless spam so your site becomes unnavigable? Why? and for what reason do you make your sight a festival of spam where you can't read anything? Or even do anything, it's so annoying that it becomes a sea of spam.
  8. C

    What did people think of the new Dune movie

    By the way you have so much adverts in this forum that it makes the site completely unnavigable. It's just a spam fest. why do you do that? It's horriblke and shameless. I can't even find a page to write on without some dick advert getting in the way. Sheez I don;t think I want to be on this...
  9. C

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Paul is15 in the books, the David Lynch version is not only utterly inaccurate in every way, it has Dune experiencing rain at the end, it strays from the book at every opportunity like the book is not important to the Directors plot, whilst I respect the opinion that it is a better film it is...
  10. C

    What did people think of the new Dune movie

    "He who controls the spice controls The Universe" Baron Harkonen. A euphamism of course for oil, and of course on Arrakis the value of water.
  11. C

    What did people think of the new Dune movie

    I really liked it but Dune has long been considered to be unfilmable, esoteric and hard to understand. Your thoughts?
  12. C

    Do people enjoy riding public transit?

    Not really I find it uncomfortable, but that said it's better than learning how to drive. Christ, I would never own a car. IT sounds like freedom but really it's just a death knell.
  13. C

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Love that song.
  14. C

    Tired Of Being Stereotyped

    Yeah I found that weird too. If it's the same people who cares. If it's everyone you might have a problem...
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