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Recent content by Au Naturel

  1. Au Naturel

    Actress Olivia Newton-John passes away at 73

    All rolls of the dice.
  2. Au Naturel

    Letting myself Go (in a good way)

    Letting go is the most important thing any person can learn.
  3. Au Naturel

    What gives you Nostalgia?

    I got my start with DOS 3.0 with a CGI graphics card and remember my time with Prodigy and a local store that carried shareware on 5.25-inch floppy disks. They are still in business today selling gaming systems, almost 40 years later.
  4. Au Naturel

    What gives you Nostalgia?

    noun noun: nostalgia; plural noun: nostalgias a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. So when I get a whiff of horse manure, it reminds me of the time as a child when I had a horse. Cow manure reminds me of my...
  5. Au Naturel

    What gives you Nostalgia?

    The smells of a barnyard.
  6. Au Naturel

    What gives you Nostalgia?

    Forests and fields and gently rolling hills and rivers and lakes thick with trees. Small rural towns. 1960s television. Movies from original Star Wars and earlier, all the way back to the '30s.
  7. Au Naturel


    That sounds right. I believe autistic people often "think" about what they have to do while NTs more often rely on proprioception and eye-hand coordination which is based in the lower unconscious brain - limbic system and amygdala. You can't think about what to do and send the orders out fast...
  8. Au Naturel

    Actress Olivia Newton-John passes away at 73

    She was an idol of my younger days.
  9. Au Naturel

    Are you "noticeably autistic"?

    If I interact with people over an extended period they begin to sense that there's something different. Often people use "different" and "bad" interchangeably so I rub some people the wrong way. Some people think I'm a good target for taking advantage of. I doubt that any of them would have...
  10. Au Naturel

    can someone help me understanding my current behavior

    Yup, that's stimming alright. https://www.verywellhealth.com/what-is-stimming-in-autism-260034
  11. Au Naturel

    Trouble navigating new roommate situation, would like advice.

    The poster needs to make it clear if something makes him uncomfortable and then spell out his response if it continues. Or he can put up with it or he can just leave. Those are his choices. He is not a victim. Not every annoying thing that happens makes one into a victim. If you're moving into...
  12. Au Naturel

    Trouble navigating new roommate situation, would like advice.

    Language is not a gun. There is no comparison between "you hurt my feelings" and "you blew my brains out." Treating language like a gun is the death of free speech.
  13. Au Naturel

    Trouble navigating new roommate situation, would like advice.

    Lighten up dude. Chill. Nobody is blaming the guy, just suggesting that taking mortal offense at a saucy remark by someone in a position of profound weakness is a significant overreaction. There is nothing "indecent" about the comment made. No more so than any other physical compliment. Fact...
  14. Au Naturel

    Trouble navigating new roommate situation, would like advice.

    If you are that big and he's that frail, why does it bother you? Roll with it. My response would have been, "In your dreams!" and then on to the next topic. If he keeps it up, pleasantly let him know you are not flirting material.
  15. Au Naturel

    What is the Most Fantastic Experience You Have Ever Had?

    I'm sure the moderators would not let me post most of them. :cool: Of the ones that were safe to mention, probably the birth of my daughter and 4 years later my son.
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