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2014-CA DDS Autism Cases By Birth Year

These are ASD2s & 3s only; not including ASD1s. This caseload did not previously exist under a different diagnosis. Also known as Millennial Autism. Image taken from earlier version of https://sfautismsociety.org/californias-autism-crisis/

2014-CA DDS Autism Cases By Birth Year
Crossbreed, Oct 24, 2019
    • Nervous Rex
      Wow. That's a profound increase.

      Is there any speculation as to why there is this sudden increase, i.e. genetics or more awareness/diagnoses?
      Crossbreed likes this.
    • Crossbreed
      @Nervous Rex See Autlanders, Thriving Outside of the Box: Vaccines & Autism, Another Perspective...

      SCPI (mistakenly) believes that their findings show that a newer type of vaccine* (not thimerosal) is turning random NTs into autistics. They do not acknowledge ASD1 as being a valid form of neuro-diversity that is excluded from "DDS autism" counts; thinking that all autism is injury.

      I believe that they have found a viable cause that is turning uninjured ASD1s into injured ASD2s/3s (both in terms of when various products were released in the USA and their subsequent release dates in other countries).

      *SCPI is also working on safer versions of the vaccines in question.
    • Crossbreed
      @Nervous Rex It isn't more aware diagnoses. If that were so, there would have been a constant flow of low-functioning students (just under a different label). And they would have already had the capacity to deal with them, which hasn't been the case.

      Nor is it genetics alone. Historically, ASD2s/3s were quite rare and very few of them went on to reproduce.
    • Ken S.
      From what I have read the reasons for the increase in numbers of cases is better diagnosing and they have broadened the definition of what is spectrum related.
    • Crossbreed
      @Ken S. Better dx'ing gives us more ASD1s (which aren't included in the above). ASD2/3s would have been part of the DDS load even if they had been given the wrong dx. And DDS would not have seen an increased load. It would have been the same load, but a different label. In short, there would have been no such crisis.
    • Ken S.
      @Crossbreed Sorry I missed the part that said These were ASD2 and ASD3 cases. After reading story on the page the the graph came from and searching each of the counties listed. If I had to guess, due to them all being close in geographical locations, The fact that they are all in the bay area and are all in close proximity to military bases it's most likely epigenetic influences.
    • Crossbreed
      @Ken S. That graph is for all of California. The county info is additional. I agree that it is epigenetic, but the military bases have been a constant. And this effect has been seen worldwide, with their change dates being staggered.
    • Ken S.
      This is a little off topic but do you know about the water contaminated with engine cleaning fluid and dry cleaning fluid (which is known to have an adverse reaction on people with autism) on Camp Lejeune. Water contaminated from the early 1950's with the highest concentrations being recorded in 1984 /1985. For them to have that kind of knowledge they had to have known for years yet I wasn't informed until 1999 after the statute of limitations has run out so they could (and did) dismiss any class action lawsuits. If they withheld that information from service members they aren't going to tell civilians what has been dumped into the water table.
    • Crossbreed
      @Ken S. SCPI has shown that when American fetal-cell based vaccines were exported in different years to different countries (like Japan), that is when they saw an identical uptick in their ASD2/3 cases. And they aren't localized to military bases.
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