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In the seal 3 matches in the Bible encryption, who were the ones who lost out? Well, so there's some principle here... but I don't know what it is. WWII, what the encryption says was Seal 2, caused a mass of fathers to die, bringing some really weird drug abuse generations afterwards that fathers would have been prevented, like the 60s.
In Seal 3, in the encryption, a mass of elders are lost. So, wisdom. Discipline lost in Seal 2, Wisdom lost in Seal 3. This of course goes with the insane attacking throughout the seal as I mentioned in a prior post on Bible encryption finds.

How are elders lost? Well, the seal 3 Bible encryption matches include corona, covid, covid19, virus, and so forth, so that's the first way. Then in the latter part of the seal are solar storms... which if severe enough and the recipients weren't living underground, could even take out pacemakers directly or indirectly. Though, again, as with a prior chatting about these finds, there's no way to know where or when solar storms will be guaranteed to occur, so you just can't know where in the world a severe solar storm would not happen. I mean, it's weather report accurate. It said it wasn't going to rain.

It could be argued that severe solar storms don't have to break pacemakers or make hospitals life or death scenarios found in video games(just think how much equipment that uses electricity is in a hospital and imagine being in the middle of that during a severe solar storm... and by severe I do not mean what these newspapers call G3s. I mean severe G5s.). Plus, it could also be argued that just because it was G1(2020), G2(2021), G3(2022), G4(2023) does not mean G5(2024) which is the peak year, or that G5s will follow in the two years following the peak year which happen to be bad years for odd solar cycles. We're in 25. 25 is an odd number. All of those arguments are valid. I'll figure the encryption is right, 'dead(22) tech(22)' is dead tech. I'm thinking... very dead tech. I'm also thinking it's right on schedule, like so many other patterns. Yes, but there's a lot of tech out there, how about cars or trucks breaking, instead of pacemakers? I'm figuring a bunch of nifty tech is going to break - big and small - though I acknowledge your argument is valid too. Besides, it's just as plausible that severe solar storms will only destroy the Electrical Distribution Centers, Solar Panels, and Backup Batteries. That would of course kill battery production and distribution, which would make some needed things unavailable.

Isn't the Seal that follows Seal 3, Seal 4 death? No, no, no, the rider's name is death. So, the world lost 'discipline', loses 'wisdom', fights 'insane' for a week of years, .... that doesn't sound like it leads up to a positive week. Well, it doesn't.


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