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Okay... finally get the HSP and dolls mistaken reference. HSPs and stuffed animals happen. Highly Sensitive... they need something soft to hug. It wouldn't hurt if it was a human who loved them, appreciated them, and treasured them, but a stuffed animal or I suppose a stuffed doll that was huggable will have to do. In other words, there's already something incredibly wrong with a relationship that has no hugs for an absolute need for a huggable stuffed animal or doll. I did not say like, here, I said need. So, that would mean heartless behavior is pointing their finger at the person hugging a huggable stuffed animal or stuffed doll and saying they're broke.


I think maybe I worded that wrong. Maybe it's a traditional perception, like act cold as a cucumber and you'll do better in this world, and as HSPs are a statistical minority personality the majority would be fine. Or, perhaps it's a lack of awareness that every child is different.

Still, I think if the HSP child absolutely needs something to hug, then the other nearby humans are not doing their job.

Part of this pondering is pondering this personality the Bible encryption pegged me with(prior blog posts). I most definitely have memories of crying too much as a child. I have suppressed the heck out of this personality, I'll tell you that. The encryption has a story where it comes back. It would be nice to know what's coming back. If this personality did come back, it would separate me from every family member except my child. In that story in the encryption, I am separated from every family member except my child. Crazy, right? Life wise, I'll just try to do what I normally do and try to get better at what skills I've already started on. I'm not God. I'm just me.

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