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I think I might be leaning toward Jay Adams and Heath Lambert in Biblical Psychology. Maybe everything really is a choice once I know Jesus. I mean, in all these tests I seem to be able to choose my score by the questions I choose to answer in the way I decide to answer those questions. I can't change my past, of course. I can't convince my grandfather to spank my mother till she was weeping and send her for a timeout for an hour or five when she abandoned me as a baby. Maybe something like that so lacking culture would have fixed a vast number of issues I've had to deal with. I mean, Biblically, girls get some interesting leeway and extra protection. If they make a vow, for example, their father if they are in their father's house or their husband if they are in their husband's house can negate the vow so they don't get in trouble with God. That's pretty neat, you know? I bet nobody thinks of these things anymore. Yea, there's a bunch of yesterday I can't fix. But I can read my Bible today. I can say hello today.

As for what sounds like RAD, yea that's totally on the mother. Biblically speaking. I think a diagnosis of RAD requires narcissism, because from everything I've read, only a narcissist child would do those things that are called symptoms. As for the mother, Biblically(As in by what is written on the pages), 40 days of nursing was required for the boy just to anchor(7+33) and 80 days required for a girl just to anchor(14+66). That's skin-to-skin nursing. And that's just anchoring. That's not even the rest of it. Given our culture of find another solution, your kid shouldn't be your dead weight, yea.... that's on the mom. I mean, there are physical exceptions... I'm not saying there aren't. I'm just saying it's usually a choice. And leaving a kid in a crib like mine did me while running away to play and never coming back is beyond rude.

I mean, I lived with her for a couple years when I was nearing teenager years. I did some things wrong, she pushed me into a glass towel rack and it broke - still got cuts, she also pushed me down onto the toilet seat and pummeled my head with hammer fists. Not nice. I don't believe that is the appropriate way to punish a child(yes, that was thick with sarcasm). She was, however, an excellent seamstress and a great baker.

There's also a curse in Numbers chapter 5 of becoming so heavy you can barely support yourself with your legs, sterile, and so forth for a girl vowing to God that she has not had extramarital sex through the curse being written on a paper and dipped into a cup, some dirt from the floor added, and the ink from the paper of the written curse flows into the cup with water in it... paper is taken out and the girl swears they didn't have sex with someone or the other and drinks the curse... then if she did nothing wrong, it never happens, but if she did, it comes. Well, I don't know anything about that whole ceremony happening, but crazily enough that description of that curse happened to my mother. So... you might not be scared of God, but I am.

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