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Autistic and vegan

I went vegan before I knew I was autistic. Looking back, it was not a dramatic experience going vegan, even thought changes may be difficult for us.
Partially, it was easy for me because I didn't care much that other people around me weren't vegan too. I didn't know any other vegans, but it didn't matter because I wasn't afected that much by the social pressures, like many of us are not.
I decided with myself that it was the right thing to do, it made sense, so I changed and didn't care that people around me would question and make fun of me, that I woundn't eat the same thing as them together, as this is a important social practice.
The fact that I didn't have many friends helped also, but I wouldn't change my mind to conform. I needed to be coherent with my reasoning, once I didn't find any reason not to go vegan and all the reasons to do it. I couldn't continue my behavior just because of convenience, culture, social approval, or nurture.
People that perhaps have more emotional connection with the food or certain experiences that envolve around the things they always ate, have more of a hard time to let behind some habits.
Of course it is not the same for me and other autistic person. But that is the way I think my autism and vegan lifestyle relate.
I encourage that anyone that reads this go learn more about veganism, as I think as autistic people we may understand the reasons more clearly and easily.
I suggest the youtube channel "Bite Size Vegan", it is made by Emily, that is autistic as well.
Here are some videos and documentaries:
-Best speach you will ever hear-Gary Yourofsky
-Dairy is scary! The industry explained in 5 minutes


I also went vegan before I learned I was possibly on the spectrum. Three years ago. I feel like if I was not a weird, I would of not found out about why to be vegan, distracted by friends or something. Very cool to hear of other autistic vegans, didn't know Emily was! I like to watch supremebanana and theveganathlete.

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