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Recent content by Darkkin

  1. Darkkin

    Jean Trends...yeesh...and other stuff...

    Is it just me or are the current jean trends some of the ugliest in recent memory? I admit to being a very habitual soul when it comes to jeans. Mine are all dark wash skinny (one of the few cuts that actuality fit) or straight leg (I found a pair that fits and I still think they look odd)...
  2. Darkkin

    What is Your Pet Doing Right Now?

    We crate both Rue and Zwi at night and when we're gone. It keeps them safe and calm, as well being as a big part of their routines. Tell them bedtime and they race downstairs to kennel up. My dorks love being tucked in for the night. A few months back Potato Cat unlatched Rue's crate door...
  3. Darkkin

    Do you like using your imagination?

    I make worlds and creatures that never are. Rabbits of glass, a fox made of worn out socks who keeps the secrets of the stars, a Whipping Goat, the Lessthan, elusive Morph of Where, Roaring Hedgehogs, Hyenas ruffed in brass, the Deeper Knight of Th'dore, the Trioctopi of Deeping Sound, Echo and...
  4. Darkkin

    What is Your Pet Doing Right Now?

    I spent 2.97 at Menards, (Hardware store chain in the Midwest-Great Lakes region)...
  5. Darkkin

    A Tin of Treasures

    I have the music box my Grandma painted for me, my hat basket, and a chest that once belonged to my other Grandma (deceased). But for the most part, my mementos are scattered across my bookcases.
  6. Darkkin

    Naming your strengths

    Of course that counts. I'm smart enough to know that occasionally I can do colossally stupid things when I get truly upset, stupid to the level of wiping my hard drive and online backups of more than 15 years of writing projects, upwards of 4 million words, (eight completed manuscripts and 300+...
  7. Darkkin

    Naming your strengths

    I could write a novel about all the ways I fail to measure up, but... I know how to use a screw driver and figured out the directions for installing a doorknob. I also didn't laugh when my best friend got stuck in the basement when the previous knob failed. I popped the hinge pins and got the...
  8. Darkkin

    3 Years Sober

    Three years is a big accomplishment. Congratulations. Words seem a bit insufficient when you consider the sheer effort such a feat takes. It takes much dedication and work as any endurance sport does. And it requires even more courage and honesty. That is what true character is. - D.
  9. Darkkin

    What is Your Pet Doing Right Now?

    Santa ain't got nothin' on Rue Dog, 'cause, this boy sees.
  10. Darkkin

    Communication issues

    Phones are one of the circles of purgatory...right up there with people who elicit road rage in the grocery store. Something I do pay attention to, is how conscious people are about those around them in a public setting. People who cluster and block aisles just to talk, taking no heed of those...
  11. Darkkin

    Not so much Dude's drama, so much as mine...

    Not so much Dude's drama, so much as mine...
  12. Darkkin

    The Perfect Albums Thread

    Don't hate me...but: All-Time Greatest Hits - Neil Diamond Imagenarium - Nightwish Airborne Toxic Event (Self titled) Stars - The Cranberries Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 (Various) Beauty and the Beast (1992) - Alan Menken ABBA Gold - ABBA Lady in the Water (Score) - James Newton Howard...
  13. Darkkin

    Rue Dog comes by his drama honestly...Monkey see, monkey do. And my circus does drama, not very...

    Rue Dog comes by his drama honestly...Monkey see, monkey do. And my circus does drama, not very often, but when we do it, we do it to the best of our ability.
  14. Darkkin


  15. Darkkin

    The Ride of Maggie Miri Lowelle (TW: Fictional Violence)

    Simple words, words precious to Echo's ears. From a pack, he pulled a rippling coat of silvered grey, a coat of wonder, might, and the barest hint of tears. It was a treasure, another secret, Maggie had tucked away. Paws kissed the water, following the moonglade trail. Bounding, skimming o'er...
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