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:tulip: What to Expect :tulip:

Talkative, friendly, and generally optimistic (though still down to Earth). Whenever I sink my teeth in to a new interest, I can become rather carried away (which I love). I can be rather honest (though I try to be a nice person), and am generally quite open-minded (which is possibly why people tend to feel that they can open up to me).

When it comes to my interests, I love trying new things. I love to observe, analyse, and attempt to find ways to understand different people. I have particular interests in topics pertaining to Autism/ Asperger's, as well as allistics.

I also have interests in film/ animation, travel, writing, and pondering all sorts of different things. I love stimulating conversations, as well as meeting new and interesting people.

PS. Any Aspies from Brisbane, Australia feel free to drop by and say hi :)

:tulip: A Special Note :tulip:
(for those of you who tend to keep one eye out for my hedgie avatar)
Apologies for not making myself as available as I have been in the past. Many of you will remember me as a rather frequent visitor (many might even say obsessive). To explain, it seems my keen interest in this site has also led to a rather prolonged social burn out (which I'm only just starting to recover from). Lesson learned - socialising too much as an Aspie can ware a person thin - even if it's with like-minded individuals. So while I might be back from hibernation, I may not be as active as I once was. I'll be hovering around in the background, checking in now and then. I might pop my head out occasionally, but keep in mind I'm still getting some much needed time alone. Just thought I should leave a little note here for those of you who are wondering where I'd wandered off to.

Hedgehuggles, :bee:
Diagnosis Status
Aspergers Syndrome - Self Diagnosed


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