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Shawn D

In the last week, I believe I've gotten to the bottom of, well, me. My husband suggested I might have Asperger's, as a joke, I think, so what did I do? I researched it. It was like reading a biography of my life. It explains just about every awkward, weird thing about me. My husband always called me Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory, as a joke, because I'm always going off about some random factoid or other tidbit of information I've absorbed, usually the memory of which is triggered by something unrelated in conversation. "Did you know...?", or "Here's an interesting fact...". I have a hard time making and keeping friends, I'm clumsy and oblivious to objects and people around me (my husband often jokes about how he needs a monkey backpack leash for me; I'm always in strangers' personal space and running into things). I have always had a strong vocabulary and am compulsive when it comes to correcting other people's grammar. I crave routine and stability, which made growing up especially difficult, because my mom moved us around more than a military family (14 schools by the time I graduated high school). As if I didn't have a hard enough time making friends! I have embarrassed my husband on more than one occasion due to my tactlessness. I don't understand social cues or what's appropriate behavior! As a result, I have my husband review my text messages and emails before I send them, to make sure I'm not saying something weird or offensive.
My favorite subjects of discussion are science and social psychology (ironic). I'm a whiz at math, but only if I have a piece of paper and pencil in front of me, so don't ask me to do math in my head.
I'm a stay at home mom to a beautiful baby girl who was born with a rare syndrome, so much of my time is spent caring for her, taking her to appointments and doing therapy with her. If I do, in fact, has Asperger's, this will make communicating with daughter as she gets older more difficult, because she will be non-verbal.
That's about it! I hope to gain more insight into myself through other people on this website.
Washington State
Diagnosis Status
Aspergers Syndrome - Self Determined
Stay At Home Mom



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