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You were right I was so wrong.

Tony Ramirez

Still single. Friends and acquaintances. Thankful.
V.I.P Member
When I was negative, had a grumpy face was ungroomed people practically ignored. Forgot about women.

Since I got a haircut out on a smile and started to talk to anyone who I use to avoid like in yoga class like married women, old women and men. Started to talk to them. I talked to an older man who knows me who I avoid who was leaving for a previous class.

When a attractive woman actually came in class today and walked in I smiled at her and said hi and she said hi back. We all talked before class. After class we talked about where we lived and she even asked me things. I smiled all through class.

I was also smiling at the park event last Saturday which is why I was approached by two women with one even talking to me for a while when I was eating.

So all the negative energy that I was putting out that you said was unattractive was right which is why people were avoiding me. Even those people from yoga class the married woman said the same thing.
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Staff member
V.I.P Member
If you think about it, it makes sense, doesn't it?

Would you, @Tony Ramirez, rather hang out with
a grumpy faced person? Or somebody who looks
like he/she can enjoy things?

Sounds like you are having more positive feelings,
for sure. Feeling better.


Well-Known Member
Truly, I even have to explain to folks many times that (most of the time I'm even out and about) when they see me, I'm working and being creative, and so whatever face I'm making is me reacting to the voices in my head about if something is good enough, looks right, needs adjusting, etc...and so my face is probably looking glum or angry. Oops. I have to explain that, that isn't me 24/7. I have had so many people tell me that I look like someone they'd never talk to because of it...or that I look intimidating. Oops again. It happens. We have to try being mindful of presenting ourselves as cool folks.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Like attracts like.
You gave it a try with positive energy, and it worked.
Really glad for you.
And your new photo looks very nice! :)


AQ score: 38, Aspie Score: asp 142/200 nt 58/200
I have also told you this in a private message. But I`m really glad you have had this growth. I hope you will experience many more positive interactions in the future.


New Member
Take a mental snapshot of this feeling, of how the positive interactions made you feel. Visualize it if things become tricky. Hybrid Calisthenics on youtube -- he will show you a really positive mellow way to really BOOST your poseability -- Pushups are super planks! L Sitting, leg raising will have you ready for Wheel and Cray, Firefly, Pigeon and Frog and before you know it you are going to find yourself doing all sorts of new things at your level!
Your weight loss? Do not give up on it!! (This was in another of your threads -- no body shaming here! Build in line with those goals brother)
Sometimes when it doesn't seem things are working, as interesting as it sounds the solution is, unlike in social arguments or in moral debates to CONTINUE. to press on. Eventually as you stare into the mirror you will see what you may have felt wasn't working deeply and profoundly changing you.
Also as a man with ASD, that scale can trick you, as can comparison with influencers and the like on the tubes.
I'm 6'3, started at 240
My body weight sat at 204 for weeks
My pants began to fall off
My Shirts fit better
My shoes had room
my face looked lighter.
after some months, im 176

Some of those influencers, ala Hampton above from Hybrid Calisthenics, have a very positive message to share. His, is that you CAN do pushups, Pullups, all sorts of exercises that stigma sometimes tells us as men and women we "cannot"
A pushup from your knees, is a pushup. Not a "womans", not a weaker but a lighter PROGRESSION. 25 and you are completely SMOKING anyone on the couch afraid because they "can't"
These younger tiktoky guys play all sorts of camera tricks, some "dirty bulking" while "skinnyfat" (low definition)
When in reality they are on Cycle (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and cutting the extra brought fat to cover up for their rapid hypertrophy (Muscle Growth) rate unattainable Natty (natural).
Do not just think Tony 2024, but Tony 2032.
Long term change!! You are killing it!! 50 lbs is a child! Keep going!!


Amalga Heart
V.I.P Member
I'm just glad to see that you're feeling better.

You've really come a long way. It's wonderful to see.

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