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Who wants to start an autistic micronation with me?

Adam Hakeemi

Active Member
Ok, before I continue, I feel that I have to make something absolutely clear. No, no, no, I am not in anyway shape or form and autistic separatist/supremacist. I am against hate speech in every way, and I don't tolerate it at all.

That being said, I've been reading on micronations lately and stumbled across this country called the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands (now doesn't that roll off the tongue). And I thought, "hey, wouldn't it be a great idea if autistic people had their own country. I mean, we can socialise, "govern", and have fun. And if we're lucky, we can even advance autistic awareness. Everyone wins!"

Now, let me set aside some things that you are (probably) thinking of:

1. No, I don't intend to make this a real thing. I know of the complications that can arise around such a thing (namely the fact that, we can't socialise, therefore we cannot carry out any teamwork). This is a purely online endeavour.

2. Yes, I am serious (kinda). The purpose of this country is not to represent autistic people on the world stage, but rather to strengthen ourselves as a community and have fun doing so.

3. Now, I've already mentioned I'm not an autistic supremacist, but in order for this nation to work, membership has to be restricted to autistics only. If everyone were allowed to join, that would beat the purpose, wouldn't it?

If you're interested, then please let me know. I haven't finalised anything yet; this was literally a thought I had in the shower, so we kinda have to discuss everything first. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me:)
How does one create an exclusive micro-nation without drawing a line in the sand?
What method are you going to use to determine who gets in and who doesn't?
probably go through a screening or smth and just trust and believe the person. I mean, come to think of it, a handful of NTs wouldn't be a problem at all.
If you say so, but that kind of defeats the purpose of it, correct?
Who’s in charge ?
Will you have a president? Monarchy? Government?

How will we defend our country?

How will we deal with those that want to join us but don’t meet the criteria?
(Would we call them illegal immigrants?)
we cannot carry out any teamwork
What makes you say that?

And if we're lucky, we can even advance autistic awareness
If everyone in this "country" has autism, isn't everyone aware of autism? I personally believe understanding would be more useful than awareness, for people both on and off the spectrum.

strengthen ourselves as a community and have fun doing so
How does this "country" differ from a site such as this one?
I wouldn't fit in. I would run up against the exact same problems that I have in real society, that I am different and have nothing in common with the group. For example, about 90% of people (my estimation) on the spectrum are really into video games, and I'm not. Or they talk a lot, and I don't. Or they make obscure jokes that I don't understand by referencing movies or TV shows that I either haven't seen. Or I'd reference things from my experiences or my life that they wouldn't get. I'd still have misunderstandings and miscommunications. In other words, I'd have the exact same problems socialising with others on the spectrum to those I have in real life. Just because others are on the spectrum, doesn't automatically mean I'm going to get on with them and live with them in perfect harmony. I think than in any group or society, I'd be the odd one out and wouldn't fit in.
How would that be any different from, say, this forum, which has a majority ND population? Would it basically just be an online forum with restricted membership and a bunch of make believe/role play on top?

Anyway, much like Progster I doubt I would fit in very well, I don't think I have any more in common with ASD people than I do with NT people, beyond the things that are directly related to an ASD diagnosis. I can only talk about sensory sensitivities and alexithymia for so long (i.e. not very long at all) before getting bored. I find the aspies I know in real life annoying tbh.
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