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Who Likes Leaves?

Who Likes Leaves?

  • Love them. They're like magic.

    Votes: 12 75.0%
  • Like them, but hate raking them.

    Votes: 4 25.0%
  • Don't like them. Looks like litter.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 1 6.3%

  • Total voters


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The leaves are falling and looks like magical fluttering snow.
I just love it. Wanted to know if anyone else likes leaves.

IMG_6777 resized.jpg

IMG_6785 resized.jpg

Door on the left is my design lab - my beloved sanctuary.
I do like leaves but I think it's nice when they are green and attached to trees. It can be a little depressing when they are brown and on the ground.
I do like leaves but I think it's nice when they are green and attached to trees. It can be a little depressing when they are brown and on the ground.
Yep, I like them green and on the trees as well, but it comforts me to know that the brown leaves on the ground is a major element in the life cycle of the tree. The leaves are not discarded waste. The leaves provide a winter blanket for the roots. They also recycle nutrients back to the tree that it used for it's life and growth. That's why I resist racking them. As spring comes and temps get warmer, the leaves transform from a blanket to a very high nutrient compost. I think it's a very beautiful cycle of life. To me; it's like magic.
I love leaves when they are fresh and green. Having them turn depresses me. Having them gone is even worse. Ours have been on the ground since mid-September.
I like leaves, too. Fall/Winter seasons have always been my favorite. It's true that dead leaves can be kind of depressing in a way.
I like them, I mainly like living ones because of the green color and the way they are built fascinates me. Fall leaves are good too especially just after falling. And the strong acrid smell can act as a memory trigger of past autumns.
Yes, and it's great when the leaves are made into giant piles and the wind picks up. It carries that unmistakable scent of autumn. It is a very unique scent.
I love when the leaves change. It is a second spring. The bright yellows and reds feel like sunshine.

Gingko leaves are the absolute brightest yellow I've ever seen. Maples when they turn red remind me of the shades of roses.

And then they fall on the ground, becoming mulch and humus for next year's life. During the winter, seeing the leaves on the ground it gives me joy, the colors that remain on the landscape.

Do you know why the leaves fall in autumn?

Because they're baby teeth. Every leaf is forced off the tree by a new bud that lays dormant all winter until it burst forth with next spring's growth.

Go look at a tree that's lost its leaves. It isn't stark and barren. Each branch has its own fertile little baby bud on the tip, just waiting to open.
Aerial photography of Indian Summer autumn leaves are beautiful.
But when I first start seeing individual multi-colored leaves on the ground, well, that is fascinating.
Autumn Leaves Cat GIF
I love crunching through a bunch of leaves in the fall. The leaves are mostly crunched up by now and form soft carpets in the forests where I walk. They are getting to work now, doing their winter duties. I like the way they smell, too.

I remember the way they fluttered to the ground as if they were dancing just a few weeks ago. Sometimes, they fell like raindrops and other times, they were solitary, each leaf finding its way from the sky back to the earth.

All the leaves are brown and the skies are grey.
California dreaming, on a winter's day.

In only a week, days will start to get longer.


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