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Who is your most despised fictional character…..

Au Naturel

Au Naturel
I think it could be a female 007 if the actor has a very extrovert personality don't think Daniel Craig or pierce Brosnan were accurate, David Niven should have done more ,but who knows ,maybe he was starting to feel the affects of motor neurone disease ,even before his speech was affected ,I'm less interested in BBC productions so I'll wait for commercial channels for British scifi
Most people do not read the original novels and of those who do, most don't care. Movies must stand on their own.

The way I look at the Bond series is that every incarnation is a new person taking on the 007 James Bond persona. Sean Connery Bond retires and Lazenby is recruited for the position. Lazenby drops out after his heart is broken by the loss of Diana Rigg (I'd be crushed too.) and Simon Templar - er Roger Moore - is recruited. This goes on as long as MI6 needs to fill the 007 position in the organization and the position has James Bond as its code name. So they get to have distinctly different personalities.

Daniel Craig does not fit this pattern. This is a complete reboot of the franchise and owes nothing to the existing canon. Start over from Casino Royale and go from there. (Judy Dench was positively brilliant as M.) Craig actually "retires" twice in the series but somehow always ends up being called back. In his final go, he works alongside his replacement, a female 007. The cycle continues. Craig is the only Bond to die LOD. The slot still needs to be filled and only time will tell if Lashana Lynch will stay in it.

Xerces Blue

Evil Overload
@Au Naturel I think the majority of Bond fans saw Bond similar to Doctor Who.
-Different actor, same spy and that could be why some people where frustrated with the post Casino Royale films.
That's how I saw the character anyway.
Never mind the time span ;) (something I didn't really think about, But should have.)

Your point that they're different spies using the same designation/nomenclature is interesting - something I haven't considered.
Kind of like how military units share a name, history and tradition.
Though I think that would actually be a problem in spy rings.
What if every soldier, spy and paramilitary asset knew the name James Bond as a English Spy?

Slim Jim

has glasses,shirt,hair, just need jim charisma now
I don't know. It's a tie between Inspector Javert and Nurse Ratched.


Well-Known Member
Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious

Because he is the manifestion of how real world power functions. The creating of problems that didn't exist until they created them so they can solve them as a means to their own end of assuming more power for themselves while using organically manifested problems as leverage to Will the former.

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