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When is it okay for someone to commit suicide?

Discussion in 'Politics Discussion' started by phantom, May 8, 2021.

  1. Neonatal RRT

    Neonatal RRT Well-Known Member V.I.P Member

    Dec 14, 2020
    This is a "hot topic" for just about every medical ethics course. I have taken a few of these courses over the years and is always a great discussion. Everyone has their personal truths about the topic. On one hand, one can say that, as human beings, we should have some control over our own death process, when given the opportunity. On the other hand, chemical imbalances in the brain can change the perception of reality and lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. In medicine, when things are heading into a bad direction, we make every attempt to clarify and respect end-of-life and resuscitation wishes with written documentation,...however sometimes there is no documentation, and "life saving" interventions are performed without the person's knowledge. Then are situations where written wishes conflicts with family members who have not gone through the process of acceptance and will contradict the wishes of their loved ones,...it's always a bad situation,...and as health care practitioners, we are caught in the middle of a "no win situation". Nearly 35 years in healthcare, I could write a book on my experiences within the hospital setting,...and still would not be able to scratch the surface on this topic with regards to the world outside the hospital,...teenage suicide, mental health issues, "suicide by police", and so on.
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  2. The Lorax

    The Lorax Active Member

    Apr 5, 2021
    People should be allowed to commit suicide when they are in their right state of mind but live a life of misery due to pain that is not curable and have been given all options, choices, and possibilities for their situation.

    The gray area is if you have someone with a very serial neurological condition that keeps them in a deep depression with no cure. As they age their quality of life decreases. Naturally all of our systems deteriorate as we age. Old people brains don't work as well with neurotransmitters. So on one hand they are effectively broken genetically without a cure and thus not who they should be. On the other hand should they be considered like a person in torture like pain wanting to end it all?

    Personally I think we are all programmed anyways with very little free will. Just from personal experience of seeing with medication does to my spouse and my child. They are different people when they are on their medication.
  3. Major Tom

    Major Tom Searching for ground control... V.I.P Member

    Dec 3, 2017
    I think it's your choice, but unless you are terminally ill, it could be a very big waste for humanity. You never know when things will turn around or who you will effect positively in your life.
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  4. Fino

    Fino Alex V.I.P Member

    Sep 22, 2018
    Here in California, it can be an option! I was told it's a disgusting drink.
  5. Tony Ramirez

    Tony Ramirez Agnostic Christian with Asperger's Syndrome

    Mar 26, 2019
    No its not. My life still has not turned around for the better, actually it has gotten worse.
  6. 1ForAll

    1ForAll Active Member

    Apr 14, 2021
    Those persons where you make judgments based on what you see on the surface, like based on them being married and with children, and if they have any great job, or if they seem to feel their life is good based on what you see or perceive, how would you know that their problems were not somewhat equal to yours or worse, either now or years prior?

    Try not to judge people by its cover, if possible. I mean, they could have even worse lives and conditions than you now, or had either worse parenting or worse past conditions than you, but you maybe just are not aware of that, as that other has/had those severe problems either hidden underneath, or like in my case, I found ways to not play victim long-term and as I tried to overcome those aspects that I felt I had ability and desire to change.

    I do not know your entire situation, and so maybe some or many things you feel you cannot change because of genetic condition, unless it is partly your attitude, too, or lack of faith in your abilities or lack of knowledge preventing that, but I do know almost everyone regardless of condition, can change something for the better, their attitude, efforts or routines, unless they are perhaps physically and mentally incapacitated to extreme levels. But, those persons would on rarer occasion be here, or you would more apt to notice it through their posts, and that content.

    In my case, I simply do not advertise my problems, past and present much, so of course those who assume things or need to hear my problems first could assume otherwise. But, as I was on this forum longer ago under a different ID, as I was officially diagnosed recently with ASD and want to start over with new posts then, and as that other ID I created then suggested I was just a parent with kids on the spectrum, I will say this: My problems were and are likely equal to or greater than the many here, including you.

    The difference is I found ways to cope and eventually feel OK, despite all my past and present problems, and as I later found ways to not let myself, others and not ideal situations determine my mindset and growth desires. I bet many here either relate to, or would not have wished to have, my life, with a physically abusive, wife beater alcoholic father, a domineering and critical mother with numerous mental health conditions, such that I could not utter but a yes, no or I do not know to them from age five to eighteen. And that is not an exaggeration.

    And I bet most here would not think it's also a great life to go through high school fearing everyone, and being bullied there often daily because I looked weak and severely avoidant, small in size and atypically withdrawn, fearful and odd in ways, and after having zero friends. Add that to the pressure from both parents to get all A's or we'd get yelled at often and a hand to the bottom, and the fact I felt responsible for their mean and neglectful ways, despite feeling I was trying to be one step ahead and do vigilant and do things they demanded or to calm them at the precise times they wanted or needed.

    In ways I felt I was crazy then, and I felt I had it worse than everyone and I wanted to give up, too, as things were so bad. But, I won't repeat myself why I did not give up, as it was in another recent post.
    But, you know what? I held out living as long as possible and eventually found out what worked for me. Yes, I eventually went to college and university, and it took me 6 years to finish basically a four year degree as I needed hours to wind down from that part time study of being around students that shunned or critiqued me. And I would quit any course that involved talking in front of the class.

    Lots of vomiting daily those early college years, and I had to face that stress, anxiety and fear all alone, as during those six years and the fourteen years after that, I lived alone. I had to do every duty in apartments and outside then myself, regardless if I was ready or able then. Despite graduating from college and finishing the last two years at a university, I never was functional enough to work. Yes, I was intelligent enough to apply for and get disability benefits at initial stage, but I still had many problems to come.

    Dating was non-existent until my mid thirties, as I was not ready at all then. How can a guy seen as weak, timid, not employed, on disability benefits, and one who does not utter but a couple of words at most to all, why should they try to date, unless they want more critiques and rejection? I mean, what did I have to offer, I felt? That was the start of me wanting to help myself, or get that help I needed. I was smart enough to know I needed some change in how awful I felt about me and others, and I knew I needed to show changes on the surface and express better for others to see that good in me.

    Once I made some positive changes and gave those better attempts, I dated by finding potential women to date not in real life, but finding them first online through groups, with members that shared mutual interests and issues, after becoming friends first with a few there. Things were not easy dating then, but I learned from my experiences then, how to fine tune things more, and it gave me more motivation and hope to continue. And I learned more about others and myself through these processes. I eventually found someone for me, and got married but the problems did not end there.

    But, as I felt I was at its worst condition wise as a teen and young adult, I did not fear much taking on more difficulties as a spouse at age forty, and as my personality was more the pleasing and helping type. To sum things further up, my wife has had tons of severe issues since marriage, and I have had to deal with all of that daily, as she has irrational thinking at times, and cannot do most duties here and refuses therapy. Add two Autistic children to the mix, and the obvious is that makes things extremely hard for me too. I feel responsible for doing everything here, in each of the ways they need, yet despite that, I honestly do not feel very anxious or depressed. If that were the case, I would not be focusing on helping others here, and hiding my issues.

    So, for any here to think or suggest I or others that seem more positive or that show less issues or needs on the surface had or have it easier, I may or may not agree with that. In general, although I always think there is someone out there that has it worse than I, I feel you all here too should have that same attitude. Our attitude, expectations, and our desires, motivations and/or abilities to change will go a long way to meeting our own definitions of success and/or happiness. Please stop comparing ourselves to others, and focus on bettering ourselves, in those ways we can. And focus on our efforts, instead of results, if we can. Then the better things will either come, or we will be more able to handle the worse things. That is a healthy attitude to have I feel.
  7. Xerces Blue

    Xerces Blue Evil Overload

    Feb 17, 2014
    If I ever end up blind, deaf and paralyzed I would rather die than continue.
    If I can't communicate with those I love there isn't a point.

    Freeze my brain and as much of my spine as possible until mind uploading is possible or proven impossible.
    Imperfect uploading is just a new beginning.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2021