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Get 6 month cleanings. Listen to the usual sales pitch about needing a filling here and there, and a crown. I put off xrays and work needing done for 10 years. Everyone's teeth decay differently, and my problems didn't seem to be getting worse.
Due to changing insurance, I just got 3 fillings and a crown done. Worst part was the topical solution they put on for numbing purposes before sticking the needle in. That caused me to get nervous and a little claustrophobic for a few minutes. After that wore off, everything was good. No pain. Just sat there for 4 hours and read a magazine while they weren't working on me.
Saw recently a new dentist, the first time she was scared due to my odd facial expression/behaviour. Then during crown operation, I couldn't deal with pain, was almost kicked out, got shot with 7 syringes of anaesthesia that day but I was still feeling pain. I could have see another practician...But everything goes almost smoothly now, and a new visit will be scheduled in april/may.
I don't mind it, I just don't like interrupting my routine to go. Seems like every time I go he supposedly finds a cavity. When my uncle was my dentist he never found them.
I don't mind it, it's just a once yearly routine thing. I've been seeing the same dentist my entire life so he asks about my sister and parents and pokes around in my mouth a bit and then says "Beautiful healthy and wonderfully clean as always, no need to see the hygienist, come back in a year!" (Literally, he says the same thing every single time). The only time it was different was when my top wisdom teeth had no space to grow in, and having them pulled out didn't hurt in the slightest so no fuss no foul.
My dentist had a tv mounted in their ceiling, they hand me headphones and a remote. I pick the movie i want to watch and can set the volume. Otherwise many dentists allow you to play your own music with headphones, they'll make it obvious when they need to talk to you. It doesn't block out everything of course but I'm much less anxious that way!
Quite simply: I don't. I haven't been to the destist for years, if not decades. Luckily, I've never needed to go.
I should go, just like lots of other things I should do, however anxiety usually gets in the way. I'm also terrible at kicking these things into action, executive dysfunction at work, I guess. My teeth are in a pretty bad state though, I would used to grind the front teeth and bruxism is a real problem I'm constantly trying to fight. I get a bit of tooth ache when some food upsets my gums around a particular tooth, something I really need to see a dentist about to be honest.
do you know of any good special needs dentists in Michigan i have autism, adhd, antixy issuses i used too get gas or sedation i was strapped down as a kid too on a papoose board im going too dentist april 11 but if i dont like that dentist do you know any other good dentists im ok with gas or sedation or even a papoose board only if needed any help
sorry i was just asking

It's not something to be sorry about.

You are anxious and want information.
But, you don't need to start a new
thread, each time you are wondering
about the same thing. :)

It's OK to use the threads already
ok well i need 4 crowns lots of fillings a very long deep cleaning and maybe more it will be a very long surgery it will be done at the hospital what should i wear will it hurt will the ivs hurt there using general anesthesia im scared
while im not wearing a diaper unless it put on during surgery i mean if i wake up in a diaper will the mask and ivs hurts
im not wearing a diaper unless it put on during surgery i mean if i wake up in a diaper will the mask and ivs hurts what kinda diaper will they put on me if i have one

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