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What’s at the edge of the universe?

Maybe what they see as an edge is just a part of the universe that's is empty? Whether the universe is infinite or creates space as it expands is both mind blowing.
What if our tech is not sensitive enough to see the true edge of space and all that is out there, and what it is composed of? What wonders will our great grandchildren discover?
I like the multiverse idea. Our universe is just a speck in a large space holding trillions of universes. Just in case the universe doesn't make you feel insignificant enough already :D
If it's something that's unlikely to affect me during the next twenty years; after which time I'll be dust myself,
I'd like to imagine there's a 'drive through' in the planning.
Let's face it, they spring up everywhere else :)
We haven't found the edge of the universe but the James Webb telescope will be seeing close to the edge of the observable universe. The actual edge is receding so fast the light from it will never get to us.
The edge of the universe is the edge of space-time, so at one end, a big bang, at the other... a restaurant??? :)
And here's what the inside of that restaurant looks like...
It's really difficult to get my head around this kind of stuff. How can there be an edge when you really think about it? All these theories and assumptions are simply attempts to help understand something that really isn't understandable.

The universe is expanding. I was told that at school. But what is it expanding into? How can anyone imagine that it's simply expanding and there was nothing there for it to expand into first?

One theory may make more sense to one person at any given time. Personally I don't align with any particular idea. I don't know. Anything I imagine is only imagination. Nothing wrong with imagination, but it's not reality. Or let's say it's as real as anyone else's imagination is.
I kind of imagine God, in his free time, surfing the energy wave he created. (Yes, I know this is Marvel Comics Silver Surfer)
Infinity has no beginning and no end.
There are an infinite number of dimensions, only bound by the limits of the human imagination.
Maybe dimensions can take up the same space we find ourselves in?
The universe is expanding, so any two locations are receding from each other.

Objects further away recede faster, and as Gerald mentioned above, expansion of space isn't limited to the speed of light, so part of the universe is receding from us faster than the speed of light.

That means that part of the universe cannot be observed, so there's no way to know whether there's an edge or not. Also, if you moved very fast (but less than c) in one direction, you'd expect to see a little more of the universe, but for the limit of possible observation to keep moving away, so there's no way to observe a visible edge unless the universe is finite.
(AFAIK whether the universe is finite or infinite isn't known, and it may not be knowable).

Expansion of the universe - Wikipedia
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