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What type of person would you describe yourself?


Former Co-Owner
V.I.P Member
As for me, I would describe myself as the friendly mod who gives out good vibes to alot of people around me and I'm pretty much of a warrior that don't hardly get upset over a little thing and at times can be humourous but it's sometimes hidden and I also class myself as fair too.


Well-Known Member
I dont know really. Probaly just someone who is really nice but hated by all for no reason except that they dont understand me and i seem weird cause im different and just always have random angry out bursts if i am wrong about something. If someone does something i dont like it can upset me so i end up saying something and end up hated.


Former Moderator
V.I.P Member
Hmmm... hard question that.
I think I am quiet but can be very talkative and I'm a day dreamer that lives in my own laalaa land and I pretty much do my own thing. I also ask a lot of questions and like to know answers and learn things.


Well-Known Member
A nice and fun person, who is timid and has problems understanding the feelings of others (calculating other peoples reactions) or what others want (unless stated or shown in a direct fashion).+ what Mike and Robert and Monkey said.


V.I.P Member
Eccentric, artistic, weird, strange, passionate, emotional, sensitive, observant, intuitive, introverted, easily annoyed, quiet, and wise beyond my years due to a very hard life.


charm & chaos
V.I.P Member
I would probably describe myself as "lively," "spirited," "quirky," "exuberant," "fiery," "bubbly," "passionate," "spunky," "goal-oriented," "responsible," "kind," "loyal," and "vibrant."
Those are my *good* personality traits, btw. There are a lot that aren't. Lol


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member
Shy, curious, silly, socially inept, means well but flubs quite a bit, enjoys giving, passionate about living to the fullest, still has a lot to learn, klutzy, religious, cuddly.

Silhouette Mirage

Slimepunk's Not Dead!
V.I.P Member
I genuinely don't know, and I think that's what makes it fun.

I know what I like and who I like to be around, but I haven't really encapsulated that into an accurate identity. I genuinely don't know who I am, and I'm pretty sure at this point I never will. But I enjoy that part of it.


Active Member
Misanthrope, Recluse, Hermit

I only go out once a fortnight to buy more tobacco, everything else gets delivered. If I didn't smoke I probably wouldn't go out at all.


Active Member
Ohmygosh, I was recently asked a version of this question on a job interview. "Describe yourself in three words." Say, what?! The interviewer thought I was being evasive and curtly said, "it is a traditional interview question." I told her that was my first job interview in, like, over 15 years! How should I know what's 'traditional' or not? I certainly never ran into that question all those years ago! (After all, seems I've aged long enough to know something about 'traditional' interview questions!)

What type of person am I? Ask a stupid question like that in an interview and I'll give a stupid answer, that's what type of person I am. (What else could I say? Well, when I told my recruiter, let's just say we talked about that... :p)

(I should add, not that this question here is in any way stupid--clearly it's not and clearly I've taken the time to answer it--it's just the context of being asked this in an interview setting after I'd run through the current top interview questions, and this question was nowhere on that list! My left foot it's 'traditional'.)

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