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What OTC meds and supplements help you?

Discussion in 'General Autism Discussion' started by Full Steam, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Full Steam

    Full Steam The renegade master V.I.P Member

    Dec 18, 2016
    Gaba - balances glutamate and is calming. Gets rid of the "electric under the skin" feeling.
    B12 - helps detox
    B6 - detox
    B1 - detox sulphur
    5htp - helps depression
    St John's work - depression
    Potassium - I have low potassium
    Glutathione - love this stuff. Detox and feels like a breath of fresh air. I mix caps with hand cream and rub on my arms.
    Taurine - not sure but it helps. I can see better after taking it too.

    I take more that I probably need, but all the above have very noticeable effects.
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  2. Southern Discomfort

    Southern Discomfort Smarter than the Average Bear V.I.P Member

    Oct 12, 2015
    I was thinking about trying magnesium and calcium to see if that would help with my chronic need for clenching my jaw. And maybe perhaps do something for my tics - although I highly doubt it.
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  3. OkRad

    OkRad Well-Known Member V.I.P Member

    Oct 4, 2013
    I am taking SAM-e right now. It helps a lot. I will try Glut soon. Thank you! I also do b6. Sam-e and B6 help me a lot.
    Vit C large amounts
    Clacium, mag, Vit D (don't take calcium without vit D)
    Gaba and Melatonin at night,m but not every night.
    CoQ10! Very helpful
    Essiac Tea on occasion

    Sometimes: Selenium with Vit E to detox

    Loads of turmeric. VERY HELPFUL!
    Lots of ginger.
    Various spices
    Green tea.
    Obijwa tea (like Essiac)
  4. toothless

    toothless this is mr shadow,my support cat

    Jul 26, 2014
    ive tried quite a few natural remedies for aspects of my autism such as sleep and challenging behavior,i think it was B6 + magnesium was one of them,i was one of the first to be prescribed the combo on the NHS for autism but my GP refused to use the amount used in the US for autism as he said in females it can cause an organ to fail [i cant remember which one].

    the only supplement that works for me is melatonin but its not licenced in the UK,i used to be on it but when i was sectioned into a intellectual disability secure hospital they put me on zopiclone and took the melatonin off-the zopiclone never worked but the melatonin did,it changed my quality of life dramatically.
    i was then took off the zopiclone before leaving,and after that doctors and shrinks refused to put me back on melatonin saying it was only licenced for old people and children under 18 in the UK.
    HOWEVER,finally!! i am getting somewhere,albeit 4/5 years later.
    my new pyschiatrist [intellectual disability specialized] is sending my GP a letter to ask him to prescribe the melatonin to me,he said doctors can legally prescribe it off licence in certain circumstances [but can also choose not to], he said he would have done it but because he is part of manchester councils social services intellectual disability team [yep,a mouthful] he isnt allowed power to prescribe,he has to request it from the GP.
    melatonin changed my life,i am looking forward to finally getting back on it and not being awake till past 8pm the next day until physically crashing.
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  5. Aster

    Aster @<>@<>@<>@

    May 8, 2015
    How much Sam-e are you taking, and how is it helping you? I'm only up to 400 mg for the last couple weeks and am noticing a little boost in motivation and a little less racing, negative thoughts. I imagine I will need to go up from here though.
  6. kay

    kay Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2017
    Taking B vitamins helps keep my skin from hurting. If I go very long without taking the Bs I end up with skin that just can't stand to be touched at all, particularly my arms. I'd love to find something similar to help with anxiety and panic and insomnia but so far no supplements have ever helped with any of that.
  7. WereBear

    WereBear License to Weird V.I.P Member

    Jul 17, 2016
    My current lineup:

    3x a day: BComplex 50, 1g niacin, 3k Vitamin C

    Therepeutic niacin protocol, doing wonders, I started a Niacin Therapy thread

    1x a day: 100mg Pregnenolone (to support adrenal system for stress) Vitamin D3 in oil (essential for living in the Frozen North) chelated magnesium (because it is difficult to get in food)

    Sometimes: Maca for adrenal support, vitamin A until the bottle is gone, Serrapeptase for fighting glycation (thought it might be upsetting my stomach, will try it again)

    We got a liposomal version for Mr WereBear, who has the MTFHR gene. It comes in little packets to be eaten, and its nickname immediately became Skunk Jello. :)
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  8. OkRad

    OkRad Well-Known Member V.I.P Member

    Oct 4, 2013
    Just one tab. i am so sensitive. If I take it three days in a row it does indeed make me manic. It will pull me out of suidicla depression wihc I am in right now. So it does help but I have to be careful. It is very powerful on me. Anytihng is, really. I have sesnory problems
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