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What do you do on repeat?


Active Member
Anybody find it comforting and entrancing to repeat things you love? I watch the same movie at times nearly every day; listen to the same song for hours. They will end and come to a conclusion and I just start at the beginning again. At times I'll watch the same scene until I practically memorize it, and think about the things I repeat throughout the day. Read the same poem all day. Someone once said I might have ocd, but to me it's because there are some things I just love so much i have to keep experiencing them nonstop, and there are nuances every time. I don't really like listening to new music because I already know what music makes me happy. I don't often watch new movies because I already have my coffer full. But I don't think it's ocd--it's more like being totally into something so I can't leave it be. And with each time I relive something like a song it's like seeing it again for the first time. I've known other autistics who have similar things. and I am wondering what it is about the mind that can make a person latch onto something so completely, what it does for the brain to rewind and start at the beginning of the things that are life giving. What things do people here do on repeat?
I had children on repeat; 7 of them. I would've had more, and I tried, but it wasn't to be.
I have ADHD as well as being on the Autism Spectrum, so, no, I don't like same, same, same, I need novelty as well as sameness, so I hardly ever watch the same movie twice. I get bored with too much sameness, I like variations on a theme, as well as various different themes. I certainly still need to limit novelty as well though, as I'm more than just "a little bit autistic" (ASD2) so it's different and similar, at the same time. I do limit a lot of things, though, as having this many children takes most of my social energy, there isn't much left over for much else.
Quote lines from movies and song lyrics. Listen to MY mp3 collection. (FM Radio you say? What's that?). Reread good books.
There was a time when I was in high school when I watched my VHS tape of Akira at least once a day. That was fun.
I watch the same tv show every day, listen to mostly the same music every day, and follow basically the same schedule every day.
Quite a few things. Songs, food, films. If I find an eating place I like, I like to go there rather then somewhere new. Not quite as frequently as you mention, but it is definately a pattern for me.
I take a nap every afternoon. Otherwise, I don't really have much of a routine or repetitive habits.
So being AuDHD there is waves where they take turns winning, but a lot of repetitive stim, listening to the same song on repeat - for days sometimes, following strict routines for mornings, always raking the same route through the supermarket, repeating the same 3-4 dishes 90% of the time.
Listening to music sometimes, but not every day. Walk from my office to the kitchen on repeat.

The most unusual thing is re-reading what I wrote. Writing is sort of my job. Sometimes I read what I wrote way too many times. It's like I can't write the next paragraphs unless I read the previous ones 10 times. Sometimes it bothers me because I can't make progress. It's like getting addicted to it. Sometimes I re-read my posts here at least 20 times.
I think we mostly do it for comfort. I often get stuck with series and watch them repeatedly, such as the big bang theory. When I was in my 20s, I was obsessed with Keanu Reeves and for a few years I was watching the movie Pointbreak at least once a week. Until the Matrix came out...
I sing. At one point, maybe a year ago, I realized I had to sing a little less, because I did it so much I started to get concerned whether it would hurt my voice. Singing is close to breathing in my life. I do it out of necessity.
I reread what I write too, not so many times, but I do find it helpful in some way. It's a bit like I am telling myself something, aswell as the other person. And, witnessing myself, as a participant in communication. Some kind of processing. I don't mind it.

I have food favourites that I repeat daily, but say a few weeks later, they may have changed. I used to reread certain books a lot, but now I just like to find new authors I like, and read all their books, there's so much out there.

I like to go back to places, I find that comforting to do. But it's hard because there's a lot of places I am fond of now. I often think about places I like, some where I have lived, and wonder how they are doing or miss them. If I see news or pictures of such places it's usually enjoyable and interesting.
I love working out weekly, and l love the repetition in ballet class. I love the first sip of coffee every time l drink it. I enjoy sitting at the beach over and over and listening to the lull of the waves. I have many favorite movies that l watch over and over because of the script, the actors, and the director, and the choice of music. I enjoy routine at home. I feel safe with routines. Right now, l enjoy the routine of taking two foreign language classes.
I definitely have the food thing: tater tots and eggs every morning and never get tired of it, but look forward to it every day. Also, if I latch onto some great paragraph in a book, I'll read it on repeat. Might seem weird, but I find joy in it, almost like falling in love but with a song or a particular episode of a TV show. I've been watching the first episode of somebody somewhere every two or 3 days now for around a month, and at one life junction was really embarrassed by my life on repeat. Now I am realizing what an asset it is to latch onto things that way.
Read My Side of the Mountain 9 times. Hated the ending each time. Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 3 times, Foundation Trilogy 3 times, watched the original Star Wars 12 times, ET 9 times.
I never minded watching reruns of TV shows over and over again as a child. With the repetitions, I might have noticed things that I didn’t notice before. With enough repetitions, I could even recite the dialogue from some of them.

I also always listened to music on repeat. When I was alone I’d put on my records, and often play a certain part of a song I liked a few times (it could be enough to ruin a record, though). I’d do the same with cassettes, rewinding and listening to a part of a song a few times. I still even do that now with YouTube videos of songs. I also do it with non-music YouTube videos, too. That certainly can’t ruin any devices.
Every year I watch all four seasons of Battlestar Gallactica.

"All this has happened before and will happen again." :cool:


No, I wish :D

Definitely music, movies, and books, throughout my life. Certain trips. Restaurants, food orders, meals I cook, etc. It's about exploring until I fully understand.

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