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Useful Aspergers Syndrome / Autism Links, Articles and Resources


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Use this thread to help compile a list of useful resources for those new to, and on the spectrum. Things like links, articles, research, news, videos and so-on.

About the spectrum:

Aspegers Syndrome on Wikipedia
Autism on Wikipedia
High Functioning Autism (HFA) on Wikipedia
Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified on Wikipedia
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder on Wikipedia
Rett Syndrome on Wikipedia
Overview of the Autism Spectrum on Wikipedia

Related & comorbids:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder on Wikipedia
Anxiety Disorders on Wikipedia

Research articles:

Spectrum News, Events & Research sub-forum on Aspies Central.

Aspergers Syndrome and Education/Employment:

Aspergers and Employment [guides] on Aspies Central
Education & Employment sub-forum on Aspies Central
Towards Success Series : Student Equity : The University of Melbourne

Useful videos about Aspergers Syndrome / Autism:

Common Misconceptions About People Who Have Asperger's on Youtube
Insights from an Autistic - Stimming: What is it and is it Wrong? on Youtube
National Autistic Society - Part 1 (morning commute) on Youtube
National Autistic Society Part 2 (misunderstanding) on Youtube
Latest NAS awareness film highlights transport anxiety on Youtube
National Autistic Society Anti-Bully campaign video on Youtube

Aspergers / Autism News Links:

The Autism News
Spectrum News, Events & Research on Aspies Central.

Aspergers / Autism Blog Entries:

What is Stimming and What Does it Feel Like?
Aspies Central member blogs
Aspie Strategy Blog
Journey With Autism Blog

Aspergers / Autism forums and websites:

Improve Your Social Skills

Aspergers / Autism Support Groups and Websites:

GRASP (US & Canada) - Support group network covering the US & Canada.
Improve Your Social Skills - Site provides a guide on how to improve your social skills.
The National Autistic Society - Leading Autism charity based in the United Kingdom

Post your contributions in this thread and they will be added to this post by a member of staff.

No forums unless they are affiliated with, or friends of Aspies Central.
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I added a couple insightful links on stimming since it isn't a very well-known trait of AS/autism. One of them is a blog post; another is a video.

I decided to add another category to the link list called "AS blog entries" since you can often find really insightful blog posts by people on the spectrum.
I've updated the first post with some more links and added Spectrumville. Feel free to keep this updated.
I used to have a fairly large list of links to great ASD-related pages. I'll have to find some of the pages again and post them here. Just give me some time. :)
Ah yes, I was browsing that site a while back. That's a nice setup you got there, have you had much success with it?

Well, the site has been live for a little under a month, and I've had a little over 2000 unique visitors come to it, so I'm pretty happy about that :) The ultimate test of success is of course if people can use the content of the guide to improve their social skills and help build better relationships. I wrote the guide to share the knowledge that's helped me greatly in my own relationships, but the ultimate test is whether or not that advice can help others as well. So far reactions have been fairly positive, but I haven't had anyone say "This helped me really turn my social life around!" However, the site has not even been live for a month yet, so that will take time.

If any of you see any parts of the site that you like/dislike/have ideas about/etc, feel free to contact me either on the forum or through the site. Again, my goal is to help people improve their social skills and have better relationships, so if you have ideas for how I can do that better, I'd love to hear them.
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i need help with a relationship i am in. Trying to find someone who has experienced what I am going thru to talk to.How do I find forum chats?
i need help with a relationship i am in. Trying to find someone who has experienced what I am going thru to talk to.How do I find forum chats?

The best you can do here is start a thread about it in the Love, Relationship and Dating section and see what other forum members can contribute.
Aspergers often have weird hobbies and being stubborn with your hobbies is sometimes HELPFUL... It is persons like us that are sure what exacty they want from life... Famous Aspies:

Woldgang Amadeus Mozard,
Albert Einstein,
Nikolas Tesla
Leonard Kahn, the REAL inventor of AM Stereo broadcasting before the Motorola corporation even started


Warm greetings from Canada !
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