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Uber x Uber: Nihongo no Panic Family Escape


Please Don't Be Mad At Me 02/09/1996
V.I.P Member
If you are confused by the title, and no doubt you most likely are, here's a summary of my most recent plans:

I'm moving to Japan. I've talked about wanting to go there for about three years now, and the biggest first step I've taken so far is getting some books to learn Japanese as well as an E-to-J dictionary, and as much research as I can do.

I understand, as most of you will probably say, that traveling to the Land of the Rising Sun is not an easy task, and I wasn't expecting it to be. But I am willing to take on whatever challenge comes to me in the process of beginning my journey.

Allow me to provide some answers as to why I'm doing this:

Q: Why Japan of all places? Why not Britian or England or some other fascinating country?

A: Ever since I was a kid, I have always admired Japan as a whole, and everything about them, from the culture to the way they live to the things they make and everything in between. It's all so peaceful and graceful to me, and I believe learning some of what they do could be really good for me, like, I dont know, making tea or something :p

Q: Don't you know how expensive it would be to get there? And everything else you would have to pay for?

A: I am aware of the expenses and costs involved and I am willing to wait to save up whatever amount I need to save up to in order to get started. Like I said, I've done my research and I already know the obstacles.

Q: Why would you want to leave your perfectly fine home that you already have? Won't Sophia/Hailey/everyone else miss you?

A: Who said I was leaving forever? I never said my move was permanent. I just want to see a little part of the world I've always wanted to see, for a fair amount of time, and then I'll come back.

My family and I are currently at a point in our lives right now where there is a LOT! of mixed energy flying about without abandon, and its causing MANY emotions in us to run rampant colliding with each other. That, and things like my doctor quitting means I wont be getting my 23-year-old regimen of medicine that I've been taking my whole life anymore. In the current situation we're in right now with my sworn enemy who lives where I used to live in my hometown holding my other sister hostage, along with some other things I'd rather not describe right now happening, things are moving too much, too fast, and too frequently, and even if I still had my medicine, I wouldn't be able to sit through it all due to how much is happening around me all at once, and how fast it is. I just dont have the mental capacity for it right now.

It's kinda like a huge tsunami has swept over my life right now, and I can't be in it right now because I can't swim in this kind of water.

I'm still going to be here on Autism Forums, and I'm still going to be the same old UberScout/Tyler you guys all know and love, albeit most likely with the exception of knowing a fair amount of Japanese :)

Think of this as me going on a very long vacation of sorts. When I finally get there, I'm not really sure how long I'm going to stay, provided I'm most likely going to find a job so I can actually *live* there the amount of time I want instead of just the default 90 day tourist visa.

I'd like to personally thank tree for showing me some useful resources about doing this. I realize this won't be easy at all, and I know it's probably going to take a while. But I want to consider this a big step forward in my life once I'm able to make it happen, as I've always wanted to show some form of independence to my family, I know it would really make Maddog proud since he's always struggling to hammer the simplest things into my head. But he's assured me he loves me like his own son, and he cares about me, and I believe him. I know I've inadvertently demonized him on here, but those things I said about him were just spats of anger and frustration.

Here's hoping I can achieve my goal, guys!

EDIT: Okay so when I first made this post I was WAY ahead of myself, I honestly thought the process was simpler than it actually is and did not realize I was VERY wrong. I do still have the ambition to see Japan one day but life is making it very difficult and I realize I am not exactly in such a position to take a vacation right now LOL! But one day I will!
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Major Tom

Searching for ground control...
V.I.P Member
Make sure you learn Kanji, or it will be a severe handicap. You won't be able to read anything unless you are in a BIG city. I've lived in Japan for about 11 years and I still can't read it. Without the aid of my wife, I'd never make it here. Prescription meds can also be an issue, certain meds, like Adderall are outlawed here.
There are so many obstacles and moving to Japan is something you DO NOT want to jump into. Also, it's not the same place you see in the movies. It is rather safe societally, but mother nature is a beast here. There's earthquakes daily, about 20-30 typhoons every year, and the summers are brutally hot and humid.
All that being said, I do like it here and in some ways feel more at home in Japan than I did in the USA.


V.I.P Member
This is something I've always sort of wanted to do. After being exposed to so much in the way of games, anime, manga, all sorts of Youtube videos, and loads of other Japanese stuff, yeah, I've wanted to go there. Not to mention that I tend to think the US culture is dumber than a bag of cat hair. Hell, that's one reason why I'm on this tiny island: it lets me avoid the vast majority of the idiocy, because most of the residents here are too old to partake in stupid. But I can only be here sometimes... most of the time I'm in Illinois, and I loathe that entire region with a blazing dark flame of infinite hatred.

Of course, the problems in doing that... I'd have to be away from everyone, including my dog, and that's a big no. Also, I dont speak a word of Japanese. Which is really dumb when I think about it. I hear the language basically every single day. And see it in writing. Exposed to it so much for so long but still cant understand a thing. Methinks I just aint good with languages. There's also the question of what would I DO there? Sure, being in a different culture that I dont despise is nice, but... it's not like I ever actually take part in social events of any sort. I only do things solo. I'd end up spending the majority of my time in a house or whatever just like I do here. Well, depends on the weather. I go out often enough when it's warm, I refuse to go anywhere when its not.

But yeah, I'll agree with Major Tom in that it's important to understand that the REAL Japan is a bit different from how it's often depicted in movies or games or anime or whatever. There are alot of different channels on Youtube that are all about showing what it's REALLY like to go there, it's been interesting to learn from them and see stuff for myself.

It's all fascinating, really. But surely something I'll not get to do. I gotta do something to get away from Illinois though. I hate *everything* about that place. Absolutely everything. The only positive I can think of in relation to it is "it is not currently covered in lava".


V.I.P Member
Recommend using Duolingo language learning on line. I tried it with Portuguese and was surprised at how much I'd learned after a few hours of study. Also took some Japanese lessons a long time ago- if it's transliterated it's quite easy but when you have to learn the Kanji, OMG forget it. Just as I was about to have to memorize all the kanji, I got a job overseas and was able to move away from my strict Japanese teacher, thank goodness, LOL.


My time has come...
V.I.P Member
Come to California, it's a lot cheaper than Japan, and you wouldn't have to worry about such things as overstaying your visa, getting found out, and winding up on the next flight to San Francisco. The biggest Japanese community on the West Coast I can think of is here in Sacramento. The main Japanese area is along Freeport Blvd south of Sacramento City College. Lots of little shops catering to the Japanese American community. A second area is Little Saigon/New Chinatown along Stockton Blvd. The problem is, the local bus system is REALLY dangerous, so you need a car. Also, there are few apartments in the main Asian areas since they were built right after WW2, so you'd have to rent a room. Some areas off the Stockton Blvd main drag can be quite dangerous, it's ok if you're smart about it but the constant gunfire every night may be a sensory problem. The Japanese govt takes a very dim view of Westerners trying to overstay their visas.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
That's really a big move in your life.
If it is really your truest goal and you can truly be prepared,
it would definitely be a huge step of independence and a once in a life time dream come true.
I wish you all the best, whatever your ultimate decision.


Please Don't Be Mad At Me 02/09/1996
V.I.P Member
Thank you all so much for the support!

First of all, Duolingo is the equivalent of trying to play football with chopsticks. If you want to learn FAST, get this android app called Cudu. Not only does it teach you the conversational part with flash cards, but it let's you actually practice speaking Japanese by having you roleplay a conversation! You pick a side, and then give responses by speaking into your mic. In my opinion it obliterates the heck out of copying things down in a notebook.

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