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Trance music for depression improves mental health.

I think it's safe to say any music that makes you feel good will help your mental health. I don't think it's genre specific.

Aloe is very skilled with causing me to enter a deep trance. She does so almost every time I visit her. Especially if she senses anxiety or panic; she's more than just an affectionate clairvoyant.
Meditative or trance music has gotten me through the past 10 years of change and
I try to take time to listen and relax everyday if I can.
Highly recommend it for anxiety and depression.
Also, playing a musical instrument will drastically change my mood. Playing the guitar will take me miles away from where I am at - especially when composing.
I am a former DJ and raver, and yes, music does effect your energy. It's not just trance for me, it's literally any type of EDM, and some types of folk or ethnic music.
I hope someday I can feel as alive again as I did when I frequented raves and music festivals in the 2010s. Nothing has been able to replicate it.

I think it's safe to say any music that makes you feel good will help your mental health. I don't think it's genre specific.

I´m not sure, but I heard that you should or people usually listen to music which is similar to their emotions. so when you´re sad, then listening to sad music and so on.

I am a former DJ and raver
why doesn´t that surprise me : D

it works. it makes me a bit more awake, but tbh it also causes headache lol and tea with caffeine works more : D

but I listened for many years to electronic music of all kind. dubstep, trap, house, glitch hop, happy hardcore, hardstyle, edm and so on.

but now I listen more to rap since 2 years now. mostly american emo/sad rap or to german rap (but not the new, more popular one, but the "old" one (battle rap and so on).

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@Shaddock I find I hit skip a lot, which I guess means my mood at the time isn't right for the song that was playing.

I find I dislike most music though, but I thoroughly enjoy collecting and exploring a whole host of genres.

I never got the happy vocals on happy hardcore. Same goes with trance and hardstyle, oh and the horrific rapping in gabba. I've always preferred darker songs within genres. Dark hardcore is rather amazing. Dark Psy versus regular psy trance is more appealing too. There's a wide variety of pitches and sound effects that immediately turn me off a song. Annoyingly they're very common in music I find.

The quote on this is long and too intrusive, but once the song gets going properly, after he says "Thank you very much" which I think is about 2 mins in (can't listen to check as at work)

I've never been a huge fan of trance (or DnB for that matter), but there are always those few exceptions. I think I'm really sensitive to the energy of music, and different styles make me feel vastly different from others - trance kind of fits into the same realm as new age for me, so I just listen to the latter to get the same vibes.

I think we probably all respond differently to different types of music, though. For example, death metal might make me feel really good, but for a lot of people it makes them feel angry, annoyed, or worse.
I listen to a lot of edm/trance music at work and continues to keep me in a flow state (I'm a programmer)

Another band/genre I would recommend is "Tool" if you like rock music. Their music has a lot of consistent rhythmic patterns as well.

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