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The Job Interview That Hit Different


Well-Known Member
So I had a job interview earlier in the day on Friday and instead of totally giving up on my job search why not give this a go. I applied to a maritime shipping company as a maritime boarding agent and I thought to myself this is a bit outside of my expertise but let’s give this a go. Two days later I am at the interview like Friday. Upon meeting the hiring manager I got to learn more about the job than what was asked of me behavioral/technical wise in an average interview although I did get asked about my skills and experience.

Just like every other interview (last 15 I’ve had) I am just stuttering and stammering my words and my thoughts are being disconnected from my brain. The hiring manager notices and I’m thinking in my mind *I’m not going to get this job am I.* She stops after finishing my horrible sentence and she asks “do you have an accent” I replied no I do not but I have a bit of a speech impediment I tend to have loss partial thought of words. She then replies “I can hear and listen what you are saying but I can’t hear you articulate clearly.”

At first I thought she was being rude, negatively critiquing my communication but she was actually trying to help me out in stringing my thoughts together. I did notice that when I had been trying to explain something I run out of steam and half of my sentence(s) didn’t make any sense so I had to start over on my thoughts and re-articulate what I am trying to convey.

I did do better within the second half of the interview but it still was not great…or so I say as the hiring manager at the very end tells me based on my background, education, and positive demeanor, out of 15 other candidates who had interviewed I am the strongest candidate for consideration. She mentioned I may have something called “expressive aphasia” where my brain has trouble sending correct signals for words to come out of my mouth but in response to that I told her I’ve been an educator for a while and spoken in front of diverse audiences during public speaking events and I don’t let my impairment get in the way in what I want to do or achieve in life. She was impressed by that answer.

I was told I should know by Monday but it sounds like an offer may be coming.
I don’t care either way whether or not I get this job as out of multiple interviews within the last few months this is the only one where I had an individual take the time to treat me like an actual human being and that is something I really appreciate.


Serenity waves, beachy vibes
V.I.P Member
That was a good interview, and she gave constructive feedback. If l do become overly nervous, l usually say, oh by the way, l am nervous. That usually buys me a little time. Well good luck, and keep applying. It's hard work, but every interview that you do, helps you a little more in feeling more confident.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
How very nice-- that sounds lovely. And it sounds like the interviewer herself knows about humans as humans instead of going for the full-on Corporate Mind-serf vibe that one gets sometimes from office folks.

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