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The one thing I'm thankful for is a Thanskgiving holiday minus those messy family dynamics e.g, the tacit-understanding to refrain from discussing sensitive topics such as politics.

How does the Autism Spectrum shape our views on family dynamics?
Things have changed a little for me, I don't have a lot of family left so the most important thing for me is to be there for them as much as I can. I don't really care what politics they support or what they believe or not or things like that, I just don't want to lose them too.
I love to spend time with my family during thanksgiving. We always have a fun time. We don’t invite anyone over it’s just the people who live in my house we have dinner with. I’m glad I don’t have to book a flight to travel during the holidays.
I've always loved having the family together for Thanksgiving. My house is usually the place. But my brother is a total dumpster fire. In ways you could not fathom. So I just want to hide away. Because it gets so intense in my life this time of year. I'm very afraid, right now, to be honest. My poor little heart is just beating so fast. And I'm so lonesome and sad too. I have my own problems that I'm very effective at dealing with. But my brother. I don't know if I want to ever see him again. And that's a very very scary thought. Because what if I don't?

Anyhoo, I have a turkey in the freezer. Hoping for a gathering of the clan. But if it doesn't happen, that's okay too.

I actually have to make the dreaded call to Mom: "I will not go to your house for Thanksgiving if my brother will be there. And I don't want him coming to my house."

It sounds so narcissistic and abusive. I hate it. It makes me feel awful. But I swear I have good intentions. My brother is an abusive individual. And I don't want anyone hurt.

And all I want, more than anything is to be surrounded by those I love.
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There's only my cousin, who this time around may simply elect to have Thanksgiving with her friend. I told her last year that it wouldn't bother me if she chose to do so. I've always suspected it annoys her that I prefer not to commune with strangers and have to be terribly careful about eating out due to my reflux. And the prices per person for a decent buffet dinner are ridiculous these days.

So she's off the hook unless she calls.
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Yes, turkey day is alone day. My relations with my mom and brother fell off the clift.
Most of the year I tend to be a loner, but Thanksgiving is usually a time when I visit family. They are truly nice people and I enjoy being with them and catching up. This year, I have to take a raincheck since I'm still getting over Covid 19. :(

On Thanksgiving, I'll have some Tofurky and watch a little football. I'll probably visit family next month if the weather permits.
Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been times that actually meant just "us"
day. Me and my parents.
They were days of celebration for just the three of us having our day together.
Company would have spoiled that for me.

Now it is me and my house partner. I'll be cooking a simple turkey meal for us.
Not wanting gatherings is probably a part of my autism.
My neighbor friend offered to bring me food. So nice of her. I figured she was going to her sister's house, but l did ask.
As mentioned in original post, I'm thankful for a Thanskgiving holiday without those dicey family dynamics e.g, the tacit-understanding to refrain from discussing sensitive topics such as politics.

The few of us will share a Thanksgiving dinner, and invite a couple of people over for pie after Thanksgiving dinner.

With the Autism Spectrum, it's just as well that we're able to avoid the dynamics of too many people gathering.

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