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I have never seen a paid survey before, but if you are in the USA and are looking for resources, see...
If there's a college or university near you, get in contact with them. Quite often psychology departments, but sometimes other departments like sociology, need participants for studies, and you may not need to be a student there, though sometimes certain studies are looking for certain demographics.

Many of these may not be posted online, especially if they require in-person participation.

Some, but not all universities have a research department/team that maintains a list of those interested in being subjects/participants where you can provide a profile and they'll notify you if there's a study that you may potentially qualify to participate in.
I used to do online surveys for pay.
There were quite a few to pick from.
I haven't had time to do them in a long while, but I found them by searching online for surveys that pay money.
Surely there must be some out there to find online.

I just now typed in surveys that pay money in the search engine and quite a few are
If you're talking about online surveys where you get paid for each survey on random topics, product surveys, etc. I signed up for about a half a dozen survey companies a few months ago. I thought it would be something I could multi-task doing while I surf the net at night and as such be a way to earn a bit of spending money.

I stopped doing it completely after about a week. Here are the reasons why:

> Some of the survey companies would have you do a prequalifying survey that would take 5-10 minutes after which and often the end result would be them saying that I didn't qualify to take the actual survey that would earn any money. That's 5-10 minutes of my time completely wasted. "Not qualifying" means you're not in the demographic they're interested in hearing from in relation to that survey. I noticed that many of the surveys from the different companies were most interested in hearing from people of Hispanic origin and people who identify as being in the LBGTQIA+ communities. I know this because asking those two questions was very common in the surveys from multiple survey companies and if you answered no to either, it was fairly common to be disqualified.

>The surveys that DID pay money translated to earning on average of $2-$3 per hour of your time or LESS. They have "dummy" questions in the surveys to make sure you're not just randomly answering questions to speed through the survey. They also have time limits so if a person completes a survey too quickly they sometimes reject your survey and don't give you credit.

Ultimately I found the process to be a huge waste of time, earning literally pocket change in the process. Absolutely no way could someone make even part-time wages sitting at home and doing nothing but answering surveys. Not even close.
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