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String of bad mangers

Discussion in 'Education and Employment' started by korbin, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. korbin

    korbin Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2015
    For around A year I have had a string of bad managers at my current job. It all start when the assistant manager at the time who was fantastic had to leave due to personal issue, the manager tried to flies of his own but he's incompetent and could not handle the job. The manger was made the assistant manager and a new manager was hired this guy was full of BS and had a total disregard of his responsibilities but end up leaving on his own will.
    `The current manager was hired around a month ago and she is a control freak. She loves to tell me how I should do my work but has no clue how to do her own and often asks me for help with it. Today she had the idea to write a description of the the product on every box we have in over stock I told her great idea, but I can't do it she flipped on me and I tried to explain to her no one can read my hand writing. She got even angrier with me and said I could do it and "I just didn't want to" and I explained to her my fine motor works problems and she dismissed and belittled me.

    I've worked at this place for 4.5 years with little incident since this string of bad managers. I have never had to bring up any of my disabilities at me job before this because I always worked through them on my own. The only reason I'm still working this job is to help the owner with the employee turnover due to this string of managers, I have a new job which I'm training for and I don't need this one. I'm am extremely disgruntled about this and I don't know what to do. I have great respect for the owner and I don't want to leave him without help, but I deserve more respect than this.
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  2. JCat

    JCat New Member

    May 18, 2016
    Have you talked to the owner about it? Sounds like you have a pretty good relationship with him/her and I would hope he/she could empathize ... if they feel they need you, they can talk to their current manager about their behavior, or if they feel they can do without you instead, then you are alleviated of the guilt of leaving ...
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  3. Tom

    Tom Well-Known Member V.I.P Member

    Jan 7, 2015
    Some people are very programmed to interpret any explanation as an excuse/invalid.

    In the military we were taught that if we disagreed with something it was ok to bring it up. But if we were told still to do it, then to do it without any more complaint. I'm talking about day to day stuff like you describe, not cases where a boss tells you to do something illegal/immoral, which in the military is called an 'unlawful order' (which you are not supposed to follow).

    In this case the best you might have hoped for was she'd see the descriptions were unreadable. She would tell you to do it neater. You would try and they would still be unreadable. Then, maybe, she might have understood the problem. Stubborn people often have to see the problem, not just be told about it.

    I'd hang in there if you can till the new job starts.