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speaking the same, but different language.


Darth Binks is real.
(Verbal spew because I watched a funny video)
(funny video bellow)

Autism is highly associated with communication difficulties. I draw the distinction off the bat, that communication being a multi party system, is not the fault of a singular person, but instead a barrier.

If you grew up speaking french, and I grew up speaking English, is inability to communicate anyone's fault?
(depends where in Canada you are)

Over time, I have grown more accepting of my eccentricities. This was an option I chose versus conforming to a methodology of speech where I hold no strengths. I was faced with a realization, that with either way, my main point doesn't get either communicated, or if so, understood.

tbh, it feels lonely. I am dealing with idea's I need an externalities to provide constructive dialog to evolve and hone my beliefs. I am dealing with pain I can't express. I scream, with no mouth.

I have come to value my position as an outsider. Though, fearful as I am dragged along with them. I don't think anyone has 'it' figured out. Maybe, I am more lucky to be who I am, than I thought.

anyways, this sux, bro's. As much as it is a choice, it is only a hard place over being crushed by a rock. As much as I am hardened, sometimes, the stupid things people say, despite knowing he is full of badacborpie, stings. Maybe an accumulation of all of what was said that didn't register.

The tragedy of it all, is most people have brilliant idea's. Idea's they came across living their unique perspective. I value a tower of lies, as they are all built on a foundation of truth, whatever that truth may be. Everyone feels just as valid in their beliefs, as I feel my own, are valid. That has to mean something beyond simply dismissing them entirely.

I learned to speak well after I should have been able to start. I've become cognoscente in my inability to processes both speech and emotion simultaneously. Either coming off as verbally cold, or shut down when I can't effectively control my emotions. I speak detached.

as a counter, I see many whom speak with hearts they themselves don't understand. Struggling to find the right words to express complex emotional states, being put there with equally if not more complex situations. Human's are an enigma to self, let alone to others. The worst of us, understanding the most

Words words words.

I figure at the end of the day, actions are what really talk to get a point across.

here is Anikan Skywalker, but 10 times more verbal, but somehow even more socially inept
^^Anakin being ASD would explain...so much. And it would also make the prequels so much deeper and more horrifying, a treatise on the perils of indoctrinating a grief-stricken traumatised autistic child into a monk-samurai cult, putting him under pressure to save lives and democracies, letting him loose among influential people and training him in the use of lethal weapons (kind of like Evangelion).

Should have just left him in his little life on Tattoine, and at most give him a hand-up or a boost to become a mechanic & a pod-racer like he wanted (idk how--Qui-Gon murders Watto and gives him & his mother the parts store?) Once free of slavery and able to protect his mother, he would have been happy and safe enough, I think.
I figure at the end of the day, actions are what really talk to get a point across.
Truer words were never spoken. But lately it feels like verbal vomit is the fuel for the machines that run our world.

I miss the old days, before computers. Hard work means breaking a sweat.

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