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Something I am curious about...

Lemon Zing

Well-Known Member
A number of years ago, I lived in supported housing and had an ordeal with the support workers. Two women. I made previous threads on here about the issues with them and those in charge, so there is no point in retreading over the whole story again, as it's rather convoluted, to be honest. My prior topics covered the nitty gritty of what occurred. And I may be prone to being judged, like what happened on Wrong Planet's forum years ago.

To cut a long story short, they were removed from my support rota and I got mad, and emailed them saying sexual and racist things at the time (just because I was fuming over their perceived betrayal; I generally never talk in a nasty way to anybody). It was quite a mess, to be honest, and a sad time in my life. However, there's nothing on my record about me being a S.O. or anything like that. But there's a lot of breaches of bail listed, harassment charges and so on. Things I don't agree with, but it's there. And I had a supervision requirement years ago, went to jail, and so on.

Anyway, I lived with my family up until late 2017. I wasn't technically homeless, but I was granted homeless priority for bidding on three properties per week, and they eventually offered me the council flat in a high rise I reside at currently, where concierges work in an office near the entry point. There is CCTV as well.

This is where it dawned on me...

A few years ago, a demented father and son duo hacked up two men in a flat on the floor below me. They got sentenced to serve at least 34 years for the murders after the police got them at the nearby hospital, following a failed suicide attempt. Then I recently came across a Reddit thread where people were mentioning it. And it seems the council likes to put bad people in these type of flats. People were nicknaming them the pedo flats.

I intend to move. I want to move out, to be nearer to my family. But I cannot help but think they put me there on purpose. When I went to view the flat in 2017, the housing officer seemed to know I had a social worker, as he briefly mentioned something.

The flat is okay. It's a big enough size for a few people to live in, but mice and things like carple beetles are a big problem.

Ordinary flats don't require janitors or CCTV. How come they never offered me a normal flat to begin with, with my points, as this one ain't even supported accommodation anyway? Yet I know when the police have been looking for me in the past to arrest me about something like, for example, missing a court date, they've often gotten the staff where I am to grass me up when they see me returning to the premises. So let's see if my moving house will go smoothly.

To be honest, I never totally thought of this until now. It does seem deliberate when I put two and two together. So am I paranoid, or just correct?
So places follow protocol on handling of clients, quite likely. They have to try to reduce their liability. You may see some type of correlation in residential units, but you shouldn't dwell on it being paranoid thinking. If you feel you do suffer from obsessive thinking, than you may need to seek counseling for this. We can ruminate on thoughts that really don't provide any relief, so just change your thoughts to the weather, your next meal, chores, or whatever distracts you.
Well, I contacted social services numerous times about gaining new support personnel. I've even told them I would be better just having help from males only. There is no major reason why I cannot have both sexes, but to keep me right, I said I'm happy to just have guys. They more than likely won't provide ladies anyway. Yet they never provide me with any outlet whatsoever.

The last time I got in touch with them, I got a random call saying I was added to a waiting list. However, I have heard this type of response or more like excuse for years now.

The help ain't coming, and I know they're just at it. I even got a letter once stating somebody said not to give me help. But they denied this after I got confrontational over what they said.

Support workers can be a hit or a miss. I had a male support worker years ago, sending me emails from my Gumtree ads in regards to an ex I was looking for, but I had not seen her for ages at the time. He was mentioning a deceased wrestler called Eddie Guerrero, as well as comparing me to songs, saying vile comments. But I mean, you get good people. You get bad people. Such is the case in all walks of life, I suppose.

Even so, it's incredibly unprofessional if somebody lands a job assisting autistic clients, but then commits harassment online, because he admitted to doing this. A caregiver is meant to be a trustworthy person, but I reckon Autism Initiatives just stupidly hires anyone who signs on that dotted line, which is rather irresponsible of them as a company. Because shouldn't they be screening people first to ensure they're the right candidate for this type of a job?

I guess not.
It's definitely hard to get support these days. I hope you feel comfortable here. At times l have been stressed, there is somebody always willing to listen and support you here with no judgements.
I can relate on the obsessive thinking part, tho i cant quite afford counseling much less treatment so the uphill battle is strong. Id try to not create a pattern from nothing it wont help your wiring proccess, even if things add up its most likely a self made pattern.(I do this sometimes myself..dont beat yourself up over it) Just take deep breaths and take your days as they come....even minimize your perspective of everything beyond 2ft in front of you for a while a tiny bit youll be able to breathe..trust me.
I just miss my mum.

She was on dialysis for about a year and a half, but got overdosed by a nurse. I last spoke to her the day before she landed up in hospital. My mum lay in hospital for days, and I watched her die aged 69 on the 9th of September, which was in 2023. What's worse is, I have two sisters who share that day as a birthday, but they aren't the same age. So think how it will feel for them every year.

I feel like I didn't get to say goodbye properly. My mum was at a hospice not long before her passing, and my sister said at the time that our mother had her catheters yanked out forcefully, before packing her belongings and coming back home.

To be honest, I think she agreed to end her dialysis, as she was in a lot of pain, had suffered strokes, and even had Covid the previous year. There's no way of knowing for definite, but my sister did discover a letter regarding surgery, concerning an aortic aneurysm, for which she took fentanyl to cope with the agony. Apparently, she hid the letter somewhere in the house. And by law, without a kidney transplant, dialysis must end at some point for that patient.

Her poor health meant she wouldn't have survived such a procedure. So I reckon her nursing team goaded her into terminating her health care. But while this is just speculative, it more than likely was the case.

Yeah, I do enjoy posting on forums, but I have unfortunately been dealing with a stalker, who is seemingly from Australia. So he has been a major problem for a long time with his spam sprees on other websites. Besides that guy being a nuisance though, a lot of forums are quite inactive today. People generally use Facebook or X more than message boards, with X of course being previously known as Twitter. So I thought gaining new help may have benefited me, to where I can meet people and build meaningful relationships. Because I am single, never do anything with my week, and I feel as if I have to make up for lost time.

The last decade for me was not fun by any means. A lot of nasty people brought me down, then cost me opportunities to be an extra in certain films, which is actually pretty lame. And the legal system was an absolute disgrace to boot, preferring to side with these liars just because they had more of an edge.

My sister is pregnant, so I believe social workers are gonna hound her again before too long, as they carried out before. Her other three kids are living elsewhere now. Although I don't have a social worker as far as I'm aware, so I could consider myself reasonably lucky. For I hardly trust them.
I remember you from before. You sound more positive then the last time you were here. Good you feel more on top of things.
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Yeah. I talk about the Resident Evil games with @Misery sometimes. We generally agree that survival horror games have gotten to be too commercial. But then practically everything else ranging from movies to music is nowadays, since it's about the top dollar.
...and I got mad, and emailed them saying sexual and racist things at the time...
That would do it. No, they won't ever forget. Perhaps an anger management course might be of use to you.

I also live in social housing, really nice ground level units in a lovely area. In the last 6 months 2 residents have been removed for antisocial behaviour and 2 others have been put on notice that they're on their very last chance. One of the neighbours that was removed started yelling abuse at the rental management lady, he was dumped from public housing altogether and will never again be given access to social housing. The other was shifted to a high rise in a rough neighbourhood where they put all the drug addicts, alcoholics and violent ex crims.

And before you jump on the "personal insult" angle stop and think, it's not about punishment, it's not about the abusive individual, it's about providing a pleasant living space for the people that do do the right thing and behave themselves.

As for the two remaining alcoholics with anger management issues - they've been so horrible to live near at times that I really want them to get kicked out and I'll not shed a tear for them when they're gone. If they start acting up again I'll be the very first one to dob them in because for quite a while they made my life a living hell.

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