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Silent Hill: Ascension

Lemon Zing

Well-Known Member
Just why did Konami allow this? Meh.

It makes no sense. I tried to watch an episode of it the other day on my phone. But it's so dark, that I couldn't see much. :D

Lately, I've found out a lot of these Silent Hill games or whatever, aren't even set in the actual place in the series called Silent Hill. So, uh...

I don't see the point in naming it that then. :p

It's Konami. They 100% dont care about the IP at all. I guarantee you, none of the guys at corporate even know what it is. They just know the name makes money.

It's exactly why they've been so very fast to pachinko the heck out of all of their properties. As opposed to, you know, doing any other bloody thing with them. Konami was never a good company.

Silent Hill to a lot of fans really is about the first three or so games and that's about it (not counting PT here, that was more just a gimmick demo). The others seem to just get forgotten about.

Unless someone else were to steal the rights from Konami, the chances of another good game (or a good anything at all) in the series are nearly nonexistent at this point.
Capcom is kind of the same, @Misery. They released a remake of Resident Evil 4 before Code: Veronica, because they know their fanboys are a bunch of sheep. But it makes no sense. CV is set in the timeline long before the events depicted in RE4. Even 5 is more of a sequel to CV than 4 is, as it continues the fight with Chris and Wesker, with the climax occurring in the lava pit. But of course, slower paced horror games just aren't as exciting, so Capcom knew the sales numbers would certainly soar with RE4 because of how overly glorified the original has been since nearly two decades ago. Although that game in particular has always been overrated. It's hardly a proper survival horror title in general.

I've told people on numerous gaming forums for years that Resident Evil became (mostly) an action based franchise with some horror elements left intact, as action oriented, Call of Duty styles are what appeals to the masses. Originally, RE4 was in 2005 supposed to be kind of a lot more gothic. But that version was scrapped as it had scenes with little evil dolls, and basically sounded ridiculous. The actual version we got has a lot more of an emphasis on shooting villagers. Which I also detest.

Yeah. RE4 is fun to play. But all in all, RE is supposed to be about finding items and conserving ammo, and the old games had creepy music. RE4 and 5 and whatnot eventually had co-op modes, where a buddy can partner with you. That just makes the games become devoid of atmosphere.

Then introducing a merchant, I feel was equally as dumb. That someone sells you guns and other things. I mean, come on. Really? That's just so very daft. You could just shoot the guy and run off with his loot. Money is therefore no longer an issue.

Then RE8 came out in 2021. That game was so outlandish. A tall vampire lady hunts you down, for nerds to simp over her. The story was not typically what one sees in RE games. But yeah. They just "retconned" the legacy of the franchise by claiming that 'Mother Miranda' passed her wisdom to Spencer, so he began his Umbrella Corporation in order to further his research into viruses, due to her obsession with the mould. It was all just crazy.

And they did the same thing with Silent Hill 2, because it's overly glorified. Konami has cucks for fans.
I've told people on numerous gaming forums for years that Resident Evil became (mostly) an action based franchise with some horror elements left intact, as action oriented, Call of Duty styles are what appeals to the masses.

Yeah, generally this has been my thoughts on it too, for the most part.

I play a lot of horror games but I am very picky about them, and for me personally the moment you give me the ability to blow up the monster it aint scary anymore. Honestly to a point even the really old RE games fall into that trap for me, like, ammo and such may be limited in them but you still CAN shoot the heck out of the monsters.

I actually watched a video from Josh Strife Hayes who did a big analysis/review sort of thing on the original Silent Hill game, and he made exactly that same point, that the horror in the game was really good right up to the moment when the game gives you the axe, at which point it falls apart because now the most dangerous thing in the town is the player. That's usually how survival horror ends up being for me personally so I tend to usually just avoid it.

Though there are some games that can add combat in without breaking the horror element.

Here, lemme show something here, my two all-time favorite moments in any horror game, which actually are combat-related, but absolutely not in the way that games like RE do it. This one is something special.

Both of these are short videos of boss fights in the same game, and, well... just have a look:

This, to me, is how combat should be done in a horror game. In fight scenes in games like Resident Evil, they play out more like traditional horror games, particularly boss fights, which are really just... yeah, just typical video game boss fights, with attack patterns and quick movements and such.

But this? This is different. If you try to fight a boss like you would in RE, you *are* dead. You cant win that way. And the way everything behaves sort of prevents that anyway. Dealing with these monstrosities involves a lot of very careful, slow movements in levels where absolutely any object could be a monster in disguise, as the bosses are not the only things in them. That PC monitor or table might abruptly jump up, morph into some horrid meat thing, and go berserk at you. The more violent you are, the more agitated things get... not just the monsters, but the level itself (which means that combat is best avoided unless desperate... it's always better to run and hide). And of course the bosses too. So in both fights, it's not just this action-packed back and forth... I have to be careful about every moment, and at any time things could go wrong and lead to total panic. There's multiple moments in both videos where I just turn and run. Particularly that second video... that was one of the only moments in all the horror games I've ever played that actually got a physical reaction and a yelp out of me. That moment where I fire at the wall the first time and it... gets up. That part got me good, I'll admit. What really made it even more wild was that the reason I shot it was that I realized that it was actually the boss, hiding as a sort of wall mimic. I KNEW it was there. I knew it would react. It still absolutely startled me anyway. And THAT is amazing.

I cant see any other horror game ever matching that moment for me. I actually liked these moments so much that I took the name of one of them. I've mentioned many times on the forum that I chose the name Sophie for myself, but in many places the actual full name I use is Sophie Carre. Carre is the name of that... whatever it is, the boss in the first video.

I wish more horror games that have combat would be more like that one.
I agree, and while we are talking about Konami...

They released this game in 1999, I think. Hellnight. This game is unique in that you don't have the option of combat at all. You basically traverse an underground tunnel system. A creature follows you and as you cannot fight back, perma-death can occur if it catches up to the player.

The game doesn't really offer much clues on what to do to proceed. It kind of does you dirty. You have to re-route your path a lot, as it's like being stuck in a maze. Then you like, just try to remember where you already went so you don't get trapped in that spot again. But games like that are definitely horrific in that you can never afford to slip up, creating a tense feeling.

As for Resident Evil fans...

I closed probably three or more accounts on GameFAQs ages ago, as they just kept posting nippy stuff and nonsense in general. All other video games forums are practically dead now, apart from a few select ones such as NeoGAF and Reddit, with ResetEra being another one. Although it's not easy to sign up to that forum. And this Australian guy seemingly wants to enter into a civil partnership with me. But I'm not for sale.

These gamers ain't nothing but shills. I always try to be optimistic with new RE games, but once people serve as Capcom defenders on message boards and say stuff like, "RE4 is teh best game ever, you shut up, because I bought 55 copies!!!!11", I just struggle to take them seriously. Not to mention all the off topic quarrels I seen there, and obviously gimmicky jive, like not being able to edit posts for typos without earning a million karma first, or something.

Then a while back, I was on this forum for Kingdom Hearts and mentioned a bunch of games Capcom clearly stole ideas from, with me even submitting video proof so that trying to refute the evidence would make them look silly. Granted, I ought to have known that the odds of them liking survival horror to begin with would be low, as they prefer RPG titles. That's understandable. But they just said it was things they intended as an homage, or if they're not present in the room, they cannot judge the devs. I cannot remember now how they quite put it across. But it was just harebrained and chucklesome to read what I did, so I couldn't make sense of any of it. This was even after they admitted to not being fans of the franchise in any case. How stupid to defend a company one doesn't even support. Like, really?

I just...

I really stopped caring thereafter. This is a vibe I get on YouTube as well. They always just go by what their favourite content creator says, as opposed to remotely agreeing with what is clearly the correct option to go on. But yeah. That's up to them if they want to have this mentality.

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