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Security Guards Vs Aspies


'Bout Ye?
Does anyone ever get the feeling that the security guards in shops or shopping centres always seem to be watching you? Like always.

I was in a shop today and the security guard was starting to piss me off. Every time I looked up he was already looking at me. I was just browsing around the store and doing nothing wrong. He kept walking over to the area that I was in and gave me weird looks.

Thoughts/Experiences?   :unsure:

Edit: This should be moved to Aspies Discussion. I keep getting the two mixed up.  :)


Hmm lol. I guess in a way at least he was doing his job. I see a lot of security personnel that just stand at a shop entrance staring into space.. good work. :rolleyes2:

Personally, I just give them a weak smile or something similar and they won't look twice. :whistle:


'Bout Ye?
I suppose he was. Though there's some security guards that you feel like asking "Want a photo - it'll last longer?"  :lol:


Well-Known Member
No I just ignore them. If I am not doing anything wrong, I don't see why I should worry.


Well-Known Member
He kept walking over to the area that I was in and gave me weird looks.
Maybe because you gave HIM weird looks first? Makes you sort of suspicious...

Happens to me all the time. It feels like the security guard is looking at me, i look up to check and he does. After repeating that a few times, he probably assumes i want to steal something and am checking for witnesses or something...
I then usually get searched on my way out. :/


'Bout Ye?
Good point felix. Didn't think of it from the guards point of view.

How did you react to being searched?


Well-Known Member
I think sometimes I am.
I'm so paranoid of being perceived as someone who wants to steal something it's actually counter-productive.


Well-Known Member
i tend to stim a lot when
i'm in department stores, if I attract attention of security i just look at them,smile and say "how's it going?"

and casually go about my buisness,usually seems to work.


Former Co-Owner
V.I.P Member
I used to have those scary feelings about the security guards and it would used to scare me so much when I go to shop that I would sudden go silent :lol:


It's not so much security guards that bother me but the staff in certain shops. I like to look around expensive clothes shops, but I get nervous around the staff that ask if you need any help, and also, if the people behind the till look stuck up or something I'll just feel out of place and I get so distracted by that that I have to leave.


'Bout Ye?
I hate getting asked if i'm OK. Me and my dad get asked that all of the time. Sometimes its multiple times in the same shop. I feel like saying "FFS you're colleague just asked me 2 minutes ago!"

In fact, next time I get asked if i'm OK, I should reply " I'm fine thanks, what about yourself?" just to confuse him.   :lol:

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