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Searching for people like me, who thinks in systems and only in systems.


Hello and have a great day (or night)!

I don't think I have significant ASD traits other than sensory (e.g. I really HATE silk) and maybe rules/order-related, my RAADSR score is about 110, which is pretty medium.
But people with HFA/AS are the only ones who I can identify with. Others just never, never think properly. And they even use emotions in thinking. Whaaaat.

One huge exception is devotion to details. It doesn't play well with systems thinking.

From the day I know myself I've liked to see the core, the substance, the underlying system of things and I'm good at it: at problem-solving, fixing, finding the weak spots. I'm really bad at creating new things from scratch, but I could emulate this process by starting from a problem that needs to be solved in a bigger system.

Also I have a crippling social anxiety, which I could perfectly manage if I'm not in a meltdown already. It has something to do with people not following rules and that sounds related to ASD. But I don't have any substantial problems with empathy and emotion recognition, other than, sometimes, too much of empathy leading to a meltdown.

So. I'm not into meeting new people in general. I totally hate that. But I really need someone alike to share problems, solutions, faults, experience.

I'm 30, Russian, happily married, my wife has much higher RAADS score, but we are still different and I have no other close friends (while my wife has). I don't know what to do with my life, everything seems pointless without a society and I'm totally not into traditional culture and all that family/religious stuff, which is even more pointless than nothing.

If you think that we are alike or you know someone alike or could share a related story or give any advice, I'd be grateful!

Thank you for your time.
There are a lot of atheists on the forum ,I'm not one .
Thank you for your answer. A great cat(s?) you have!
I can't say I'm an atheist, I just don't trust groundless opinions and religion is all about that. Also, cats, for example, are far more interesting subject than any mystical stuff.
Welcome! I think you'll find plenty of like-minded individuals here. Browsing the topics on these forums, I'm sure you'll find that many people here experience the same kind of disconnect from society, as well as social anxiety and very logical thinking.
Welcome sKeptic...

You will find lots of stuff here...

I was reading through your post and I always line stuff up in my head (sort of) systems thinking but mine is more very detailed and always in pictures...

Plus mine id so logic based that its just ridiculous and I wind up aggravating people over it sometimes...
but it is what it is...

See I want to be able to grasp big concepts, but all the crazy small details have me stumbling all over the place all the time...Its a mess in my head...

I will want to do a big projects (which I do often) but I have to break them down into these unthinkable number of segments of smaller and smaller projects... I spend way too much time just making sure I didn't forget this, or that... and if I did... DERAIL I have to start all over. Its sucks basically.

Just dig around buddy, there is tons of stuff to hash through and lots of nice people also.
Hello! You'll find tons of us here. Everything you said speaks in volumes to my way of thinking too.
You'd feel welcome here. :)

(Also, I'm fascinated with russian culture, so I was really fascinated that we think they same across different groups of people.):laughing:
Thinking in systems? Not create from whole cloth but can extrapolate from known. and a lot of other things you mention. Right there with you.

I rarely come across people that have a natural ability to think in "systems"...it can be learned to a degree. My opinion, based on my research of a neurology and mind, suggests that the ability is related to spatial reasoning, though not just that. If I had to define "systems thinking" is an ability to not just see the components/parts but intuitively grasp the interconnections and interactions between them and any externalities.

One of my personal frustrations is that I can do this and often jump to conclusions based on this intuition and then have to explain it to someone else in a way that explains that intuition. It can be difficult to do.
Hi, welcome.:)

I came to conclusion I think my way in circles around things as opposed to a straight shot. I'm not sure if that's what you're talking about though.
I think a lot of us learned to think in systems as a way of making sense of the world around us. There's so much chaos that we have to filter through that we grasp onto logic like a lifeline. I also can't understand the function of emotions when trying to solve a problem or coming up with solutions, it's more a hindrance than anything else.
Welcome sKeptic! I think you'll like it here ;)
I don't view everything in systems, but I'm very good at understanding computer systems (databases, web tech, programming components, etc) and generally finding patterns in things (I love stock trading, for example). Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll find lots of likeminded people here.
I can make more sense out of systems than I ever could people. :p

Welcome to AC.
I also see systems, as when the whole is the sum of a great number of parts (which I also see, and often too much). Mundane details can be left aside, or delegated for someone else, if necessary.
The big picture is what I gravitate to, and if there are any missing pieces of the picture or "puzzle" (whatever that may be), I have my ways of finding them and satisfying my curiousity. I'm also very systematic in my approach.
Thank you all so much for your replies.
I see clearly that I'm in the right place.
I'm just so overwhelmed with emotions that I can't think and can't answer in detail but I surely will.
Long time since I feel hope. Not accustomed to it.
Hi & Welcome,
I worked in electronics as a technician and most enjoyed the times I could work alone and on equipment (not people). Perhaps a technical field would be a good match. Troubleshooting, fixing problems was the most challenging/satisfying aspect.
Hello sKeptic. I am like you, just have to point out that feelings are needed as heuristics and that I am sure you use them, everyone use them. Intuition is a feeling after all.
I can see more or less what you mean naturally, but I fail at describing it in words. I just have... An association of images and experiences with some people that show me how some people can be irrationally emotional.
Any ideas, folks ?

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