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Resident Evil 4

Lemon Zing

The most overrated RE game ever in my view, is getting a remake. And Capcom is scheduled to release it in March.

However, I do believe they want to make it more horror like. Which is good.

I mean, the original RE4 was only moderately creepy. Most of the time when you were playing as Leon or even Ada, they had too much ammo, and did somersaults and suplexes. And you could also trade with a merchant.

Some of the bosses were very scary, though. But the action was too plentiful to be that terrifying.

It probably depends on how easily you scare.
I enjoyed RE4 more than the other RE games I played. I personally preferred that it was less a survival horror, and more about shooting and upgrading weapons etc. Although I think the only other game in the series I played properly was 2. I did try 7 this year, but I didn't enjoy it. It went too over the top, and very quickly. Losing a hand within the first hour of gameplay? Reminded me of the IT film remake.

I liked Revelations 2, because it had a good story. The gameplay was good too. There was something very RE about it.

But 5 and 6 kind of suck. They are good co-op shooting games, I guess. But they are certainly not survival horror games.

To me, they are action games that just so happen to have the main characters of past RE installments, like Chris, Jill and Wesker. Other than that, it's barely even two games that you can say are remotely correlated with the older games.

Yeah. You can read notes about the origins of the virus in Africa. To be honest, they pulled that kind of stuff in RE8 last year too, but that didn't really feel like a RE game either. It certainly felt like a sequel to RE7. Although I really consider that as a massive reboot of the franchise, and one that keeps all of the continuity, without blatantly referring back to it in retrospect.

Chris had the ugliest redesign in 7 too. The same with Jill. She looks awful in the RE3 remake, and Chris looked like he had been de-aged in some capacity. Then he comes at the end, just to be the clean up guy. It's honestly so stupid.
I would say so.

It's revitalised the genre, after the action heavy games like 4, 5 and 6 took the series in the opposite direction. I find it's a bit hard though, and lacking in care in some ways.

For example, zombies are unusually harder to kill, and unlike the original, every area is rather poorly lit up. Headshots are ineffective most of the time and there's only a random chance one will work. It just kind of happens, but they never reveal when this will happen. It feels unfair.

But it definitely has RE qualities such as looking for key items, running away from a large stalker enemy, secondary creatures to contend with other than zombies, and there's some puzzles. But certain enemies from the original are gone, like the spiders and the crows. The plants in the lab are also now human like ones instead of being giant bulbs. They cut some other enemy types too, but these are the most disappointing.

The A and B scenarios of the remake are muddled up. For example, both characters go to the gas station at the start and do the same things, resulting in you seeing the same cutscenes. You have the same boss battles with the mutated William Birkin too, which makes no sense.

In the original, when you finished Claire A, Leon B was so different because Leon was doing different things in the second scenario, and Mr. X was not in the initial scenario. But in the remake, it's like Capcom couldn't be bothered to make it unique, and so they just repeated things.

The RE3 remake is trash - as a remake. But if you don't look it as a remake and just as a game in general, you may like it because it has great voice acting, and the Hunters are very intimidating. The Hunters being the fast scaly reptile things that can jump and swipe you with their claws. They also make a clicking sound as they patrol the corridors.

But as a remake, it's an absolute epic failure. They cut even more content. Some locations are only there to serve as backdrops, like the clock tower where the rescue chopper was shot down in the original. The factory is also not included, where you had to do that irritating water sample puzzle. It's just a generic lab like the one from the RE2 remake, and Barry Burton is not in the ending. This is particularly stupid, because Barry did in fact save Jill and Carlos. It's canon to the lore. And there's no giant worm boss fight either, as that's yet another thing they cut.

Capcom could have done so much better.
Well Lady Libra is still growing up in the test tube, she shakes in her sleep from some strange experience where her true faerie god~mother is telling her very different faire-tales. She becomes trapped in realm where she sleeps for a lifetime only to wake up and realise zombies were attacking the land of aurora....with strange flashes of light and memory she places her hand to the glass of the memory ball, it shakes in her hands as ice-falls and she drops her ball as she recalls zombies attacking the poor ice lands as they had never experienced before. In the distance Cinderella cleans her house for first time as dead skeletons of nightingales squawk and fly off in search of fresh ideas.
Alice falls back into a coma and a new JOAN of arc rises to the challenge
The story is still incredibly over the top. I beat the game in the early hours of today.

Funnily enough, I see Capcom didn't change up this game as much as 2 and 3. I can't say I was surprised. They treat RE4 with kids gloves, because of the fear of gaining any backlash.

Hello! How about respecting all of your games, Capcom?

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