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Question if it is normal that I still know right from wrong as an adult, even when I am psychotic sometimes

Oren Franz

Well-Known Member
Is it normal that as an adult that I still know right from wrong, even when I am psychotic? It's just my brain is much more developed, I did not know right from wrong when I was delusional at the 15, and even as an adult, I sometimes am delusional.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Knowing right from wrong is quite normal even if delusional or psychotic. There is a level of psychosis when you don't know the difference between true and false and right and wrong but most people in most situations have some grasp of right and wrong. When you are going through puberty the prefrontal cortex has not fully developed and that can affect impulse control and therefore being able to fully think through right or wrong and mental illness can further muddle this process but if you are an adult you will probably know right from wrong.

It is useful as well to look at how diverse psychosis can present. Thinking you can control the weather or that you have to hide from the government will not effect knowing right from wrong.

I am not aware of your diagnosis history but if you have concerns about experiencing psychosis and your ability to differentiate between right and wrong I suggest you consult a professional and not an internet forum.


Well-Known Member
It sounds like you're more mature and your symptoms are less severe than they used to be. Friends can help you see things more clearly when your thinking is impaired so I'd make sure to spend enough time around them and other people.

Slim Jim

has glasses,shirt,hair, just need jim charisma now
I am not psychotic and never have been. I've never had hallucinations, I have never been on medications. But I do look back on things I have done or wrote or said like a few years ago? And think: "Damn.. why was I so worked up, and why was I so unhinged..." Cause now I don't even care. It's like just when you think you are mature, you look back and think: "uh no, I wasn't..infact I was pretty childish. And I handled that very badly." or "I shouldn't have done that. " It seems to be a recurring pattern I seem to descend into every now and then.

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