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Penetecost Sunday 19th May is your church doing anything special?


Hi, I attend an Anglican Holy Communion 8am service although i'm non denemontional. The service works well with my conditions. We were told that the dress code for today Penetecost day is to wear as much red as we can. I find it quite difficult to wear red generally because of the connection, but will wear some red clothes on this occasion. I am going to use a red head scarf this time as I always keep my head covered in church, usually I use a hat. I have got some bandannas now for summer as it is too hot for a hat. I am wearing a red jumper and red socks as well.
It makes me quite emontional Penetecost day though. Later services in the day have a flag procession as well.
If anything dramatic happens I will update.
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Is that the actual day of pentecost? I know there's the 50 days of counting the omer after Passover, known as shavuot, the feast of weeks. I don't know when it is this year. I wonder if they are the same day, because in the Bible, Pentecost when everyone got the tongues of fire on their heads, was the Feast of Weeks, or Shavuot.
Today is actually Penetecost. The reading today was from Acts about day the of Penetecost. People dressed up in red and there was an indoor firework that was lit. The outside was also decorated which I took a photo of.


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That sounds really fancy. An indoor firework? Wow.

What traditions does the Anglican Church have on Pentecost? I have both an Episcopal Church and an Old Order Anglican Church in my neighborhood. I have visited both. The Old Order Anglican was very very fancy, high church. It almost felt like an ancient Eastern Orthodox service. It involved prayer books, and there was so much incense and the walls and ceiling were covered with the most beautiful frescoes, gilded with gold leaf, that I had ever seen.

I remembered that this year Passover (Pesach) fell a couple weeks later than Easter week. So I looked up when Shavuot (Jewish Pentecost/ Feast of Weeks) occurs. It'll begin at sunset on Wednesday, June 11th and go until sunset of the 13th. That's Sivan 5-7.

If you wanted to have a little fun, you could celebrate a double Pentecost in June, on the actual anniversary of its occurance, according to the Jewish calendar.

Shavuot is the anniversary of the day that God gave the ten commandments to the Jewish People. If you think about it, it's kinda cool how The Holy Spirit was given to the disciples of Jesus on the anniversary of the day that the law was given to the Jewish people.

Jewish people often will stay up late into the night, trying to read the entire Torah throughout the festival Shavuot. There are candles lit, and a feeling of joy in the air.

Because the gift of Torah is considered nourishing, comforting, and sweet, foods containing dairy and honey are traditionally eaten. In days of old, grain and fruit would be offered at the Temple, and so those are also traditional shavuot foods. Think of it as a sort of light, sweet, vegetarian, late spring buffet. Cheesecake being the ultimate Shavuot dessert.

I think if Jesus is known as the Living Word, and the fulfillment of Torah, then it'd be fun for Christians to mix in a little bit of Shavuot celebration too. It all wraps together, you know?
What traditions does the Anglican Church have on Pentecost?
I found your post very interesting. The giving of the Ten Commandments is very important to me as well. I think the style of Penetcost how it is done in an Anglican church can vary a bit depending on the rector that they have. I have been to some services with different rectors that have varied a little bit.
I think I may have to look around for a new church just for this Sunday only as the Bike rides through London on Sunday has led to the 8am service being cancelled. I find the 10am service a bit too long for me. The 8am service is only 30 mins and the 10am service is one hour and it is more attended. My 8am service takes places in a chapel and the 10am service takes place in the main church. I will look for and attend either another Anglican church or a Episcopal Church but I will need to get a taxi or mobility transport there. I am glad the Episcopal Church was mentioned in this thread as I had not heard of one before.
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