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One Way To Cure The Munchies

I am surprised, thanks for the info.

I suspect most will find it to be an amusing story, but the marketing risks in America's corporate environment seem quite high. Oops, maybe I should rephrase that. Or not. :D

Small wonder that it appears to be a very limited event. ;)
l wonder if they will get robbed (and by the way, throw in 12 of the marijuana burgers in with the cash in a paper bag)
Can i get extra sauce on my burger please?
Thank you.

Customer: "Nice "special sauce". But so green. Was that guacamole?"
Burgermeister: "Uh...not exactly." ;)

Funny to recall a newspaper cartoon made many years ago. Depicting two police officers carrying Colonel Sanders down the steps of a courthouse.

With the caption below, "They found out what those eleven herbs and spices were".

Truly- life has surpassed art. :cool:
Last edited:
"Fake food to promote misguided campaign to drug all of society"

Now I can be disgusted on several levels at once! So efficient! :)
Carl's, Jr. will be very busy on 4/20. I hope the news teams interview the customers after consuming one of the special burgers. The public will love these burgers if they live up to the customers' expectations.

I see the 420 issues as "medicinal" and "recreational", so I'm not sure they should be available in a fast food burger - too many potential dangers. It'll be interesting to see how it goes, though. Wait and see.
Children could get their hands on one, or given to someone as a “joke”. Most people drive there, so it would require consuming marijuana and driving.
The stores would need some good security measures too on many levels.
I'll take 3! PS, just because there's cannabis, doesn't mean you are necessarily going to get high. It could be a strain of high CBD with little to no THC, which would probably just make you relaxed and less anxious without the high. I'd almost think that would have to be the case, just in case a kid got their hands on one.
I just read the article and this is indeed the case, so people are not going to be high from the burger. Just an FYI.
Many CBD oils are completely free of THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana. I get a shot of CBD in my blended coffee drink from a local cafe truck, and trust me, the only zip is from the caffeine. :D I've heard that some CBD oils have trace amounts of THC, but I don't think those would be legal everywhere.

Re: legality, it was ridiculous that (0% THC) CBD oil was ever illegal in the first place since it's not psychoactive. For a while in Georgia (and maybe still), the law was written in such a way that a hemp t-shirt would have been illegal. o_O

Also regarding legality, I'll (maybe) accept that marijuana should remain illegal when the politicians who keep it so all give up their coffee at breakfast (caffeine, a drug), their dinner wine and after dinner scotch (alcohol, a drug), and their stogies at the men's club (nicotine, a drug), not to mention assorted nerve and pain pills. :p

Cannabis is known to help a variety of problems, including arthritis, which I have.

I love this Adam Ruins Everything video about marijuana:

Pro-Pot and Proud :cool:
Martha Stewart, the American lifestyle and home maven, is advising a Canadian pot grower on CBD oils for homes and pets. She probably makes a mean green pesto with it to season her whole grain pasta bowls.

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