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Odd things I recognize in movies

Rachel Albritton

grasping life by the horns
I am constantly quoting movies randomly. Its funny to see peoples reactions when I do because they're like "what?" haha. I also notice odd things in movies that most people don't. Like the time on the clock on the wall, and the number of the house. Just thought i'd share that. lol
I do that and find issues in continuity,ages of cars in the movies,repeated sightings of cars in the flicks and product placement in them too...some hate to watch movies with me because of that...laughs
I love to rip music apart as well...when I post music videos on this forum,often they are covers of really popular tunes done by unexpected artists that I feel that were done properly and a tribute to the original artist...Dolly Parton does a pretty good rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" in my opinion

here is the link to the thread here at AC if you are interested in music too...
What song are you listening to right now? | Page 223 | AspiesCentral.com

Fair warning,I love to hijack the thread at times as I hop around the genres and pick out what I like to share.

Several other members and some of our Mods post at the thread...come have a look ;)
I love lamp?! But really, I'm not even supposed to be here today! I get movie lines and quotes stuck in my head too. Some times I can only speak in Filmineese. We're gonna need a bigger boat. Meet me at Montauk.
Yes...guilty as charged. I probably find more continuity errors in war movies than anything else.
My wife and I like to watch "reality shows" on cable tv. The problem with these shows is the inserted drama. You can always recognize these scenes because they rarely get all the facts right. I know they do this for the bulk of their viewing audience, but I could do without it. My wife says they do it so I will have something to complain about.
My kids and I have always done this. I also find discrepancies and point them out. I also usually know either how it is going to end, or who the bad guy is within the first five minutes. Movies are so predictable. I love when one is not, although very rare.
I am careful not to ruin movies for other people, and seldom watch them. Horror movies are the worst by the way.
The only movies I really enjoy are either comedies, or most old black and white films.

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