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Not my first time on one of these Forums, Hi hello


New Member
Hi, there everybody. You can call me Tom, or Mid-Sneke. Or John, those are all acceptable. I'm 24 going on 25, never employed, I have had a DD waiver since I was 18. I was diagnosed when I was 5, and I've never been in a relationship. I live with my parents, and my hobbies are reading, listening to music, learning new things, simple machines, firearms, swimming, and honestly, napping.

I'm a cat person, but I don't dislike dogs, and I have a soft-spot for lizards and other reptiles. I also really love crows and ravens, and think they are adorable. That's all I have to say, I'm from Louisiana, born and raised, and I still live there. I'm a cajun. I'm 73% French, 11% Scottish, 9% Irish, 6% Welsh, 4% Northern European/English, and 1% Basque.

That's about it.
Hey - good to meet you.

I like lizards too.

What types of dishes to you like? Spicy? Do you enjoy the weather in Lousiana?

Welcome to AF.
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Hello there. Lizards are cool as heck (some of them literally). I once held a crocodile, and it had a really nice texture on its belly, sort of like a snake. If I ever had a pet, and wouldn't have to worry about laws and regulations (which are downright draconian when it comes to pet ownership in my country), I would really like to have a lizard or a small snake; Perhaps even a tarantula. We don't have any lizards here due to the climate, so it's always a nice day when I spot one when traveling. I bought a David Attenborough book on lizards when I was a kid, and it had gorgeous pictures.

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