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No Doctor Who Christmas Special - Confirmed by BBC, there'll be a New Year one though.

Mr Allen

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member

Meh, the Doctor Who special at Christmas Day is more important than the Queen's Speech IMO.

Yes, it most definitely is. Every week BBC America advertises in the TV guide that there will be a new episode of Dr Who on Sunday at 8 PM but every week it is the same episode as the week before. Thanks for confirming that british TV is also soon to be extinct.
I don’t really mind, I generally don’t like the Christmas specials as much as the ‘normal’ episodes anyway.
Anything we watch that gets shown on TV is usually on a catch-up service anyway, so it doesn't really matter what day it's actually broadcast. Some of the Christmas day episodes struggled to get a plausible Christmas theme going anyway.
At least that's lifted some of the pressure to get all my recorded episodes watched before the Christmas break. :)
I'm just grateful that my cable provider finally got the technical glitches fixed to give me the BBC America channel I've been paying for all these years. So I can watch Dr. Who episodes (and multiple Star Trek series) going way back using video-on-demand. Christmas day....or any day. :)
I don't own a TV. They are propaganda tools. Its not only my opinion but an established fact that any source of main-stream media is used to progressively program the masses with social engineering technocracy. I'm not advocating this 100% across the board, so to speak, but everyone must learn to be selective in what they watch and listen to. I just don't have any use for authority.
Disappointed. The Christmas Specials were the only episodes I managed to watch in recent years. I guess I will have to try and find some regular episodes to fill the void. But I understand the lack of ideas after many specials. The last one barely touched on the subject.
I'll watch Dr Who sometimes on a retro TV channel of some sort. My favorite part is the imagery and the vintage synthesizer bits in the soundtrack. I don't really follow the plot.
Looks like we won't be getting a Christmas or New Year special this year either, which is a bit of a shame as even in Tennant's final year when we didn't get a full series we still got specials at Christmas and other points - those been The Next Doctor at Christmas, Planet of the Dead at Easter, The Waters of Mars in November and finally the Christmas/New Year's Eve two-parter The End of Time.

Funnily enough regarding last year, I think I read a story (in Metro if I'm not mistaken) that said that the writers working on Doctor Who had "run out of ideas" for Christmas episodes.

For me, this sounds like a load of tosh. If they truly have no ideas, they could have easily asked the fans about ideas for a Christmas special as I'm sure a good amount of the fanbase would have come up with ideas that were at the very least serviceable.
Heck, Youtuber Nerdrotic actually did that and he received hundreds of replies for potential stories. I can't show the whole thing as he does drop a few choice words but here's the cut section of some of the ideas that the fanbase offer: Doctor Who Christmas Episode Ideas

I also came up with a few ideas for Christmas episodes, one of which was a homage to the birth of Jesus (with a human woman due to give birth to two children who are both children of the Elder Gods and part of an important prophecy) but with elements of "The Box of Delights" by John Masefield and of other mythologies such as Norse Mythology. Finally, it would feature the return of classic era villain Fenric and his "Wolves", who are determined to stop the prophecy at any and all costs as it concerns the eventually demise of Fenric himself.
An alternative idea would be for the Doctor telling three Christmas-related stories from her past incarnations that we haven't seen, with the background story been her and her companions preparing for Christmas together. You could maybe portray one in animation if it involves Doctors who are no longer around (heck, they got a new actor to play the First Doctor in Twice Upon A Time) and maybe even bring back past Doctors from the classic/new series for some of the stories. It's said the 8th Doctor was there when Jesus was born and Paul McGann has said he would love it if the BBC invited him back to play the Doctor so that could be an interesting short story to see if the BBC will allow it.

On top of that, one of the ideas proposed by former showrunner Russell T. Davies before his tenure on Doctor Who ended was to have J.K.Rowling (the author of the Harry Potter series and who he'd previously asked about potentially writing a Doctor Who episode, which she declined) star in a Christmas episode - with the episode becoming a Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover thanks to an alien bug similar to the Time Beetle latching onto JK's back and causing her imagination to manifest into reality - meaning the Doctor would likely team up with Harry Potter to battle Magical Beasts and Death Eaters.
Sources: The Doctor Who/Harry Potter Crossover You'll Never Get To See , Doctor Who bosses reveal an ‘incredible’ Harry Potter crossover almost happened | Metro News , Doctor Who: Steven Moffat breaks silence on Harry Potter crossover episode
DW is one of my things(haircut, cosplay, tattoos... etc). Since I was a kid.

So easy to say I've been really sad with no new episodes this year. And really upset that there is no Christmas episode. That is the only reason I like Christmas. Lol I will just have to watch all the Christmas episodes instead

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