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Hello there!
Firstly I am useless at navigating these sort of things, it takes me a lot time to figure out where everything is and how they work! So if someone could kindly point me in the direction of a "parent of ND child" or something similar that would be great.
My son is on the neurodevelopmental waiting list, and has been since 2019. He is also on the waiting list for OT, these things are so long I can't even believe how much time has passed sometimes. I am also on the waiting list (surprise, surprise) I say surprise surprise because it seems that more and more mothers are finding out they are ND weather it be autism or ADHD through their children. I mean I've always felt different, suffered with social anxiety problems since as far back as I can remember and always had other issues to tackle, issues that others just seemed to get over or not even have. I'm waiting for an appointment for diagnosis of ADHD and autism.
My current situation is that it is just me and my two children. Dad has been out of the picture for at least 6 years. I did have support from my mother but things have gone really bad with her so I had to minimise contact.

Anyway I'm rambling, I just wanted to hop on and possibly chat to people in similar situations and give any advice on certain situations as I can to other parents of ND children.
Thanks, have a great day :D
Welcome to this forum. Below is a link to the parenting section here regarding parents with Autistic children or whose children have signs and symptoms of such. Many parents here will post in other threads too asking questions about their children with such issues or as they themselves too have such ND traits or diagnoses. Several here relate to the topics you raised. In my case we have two ND children, one Autistic and the other with Autism and ADHD, and both parents are likely ND, my wife with diagnosis of ADHD, and I suspected of Autism but never been through any comprehensive evaluation for such.

Let me repeat the welcome. In my opinion (worth all the ink on this page) you are well on your way to where you’re going. I’ll never seek an official diagnosis and don’t need one. In your situation, it will probably be very useful.

Oh! how I wish I had grown up knowing the root of my difference. It sounds like your children will have that advantage, and here you are already looking into the autistic community. Luck with a good doctor and accurate diagnoses. Hope to hear how things are going.
Hi and Welcome @mmecr

Glad you have found this place.
THe search function on this site is not bad, so have a go.
You might look for "women on the spectrum" or "parents" or "children" as search words.

Good hunting
Hello and welcome, @mmecr. I hope that we can be supportive to you and your child and that you are able to share your own experiences here. Take your time and settle in!
Welcome! We have a number of members who support neurodivergent family members and so I'm sure you'll fit in just fine and find lots of conversations that may be of interest.
Thank you all for your lovely welcoming comments. I posted a similar post on another site and I got a bit overwhelmed. With possible PDA issues, the advice thrown at me felt more like telling me what to do, or that I am doing things wrong... so a nice peaceful welcoming on here is much appreciated, Thank you! ❤
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