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Need a gum shield for Martial Arts sparring, how much from NHS Dentist?

Mr Allen

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Due to being on government benefits because of disability, I get free Dentistry in the UK, however, I need a gum shield specially made to my gums for Martial Arts sparring, and I don't think I'd get that free.

Obviously I will scout around on Google on this subject, but I wondered if anyone had first hand knowledge of what I need to know?

Hmm, I've just seen one at Decathlon, a UK Sports shop chain, for 3 quid, tempting but my instructor says to have one specially made for my own gums.

Apparently the gum shield is part of the sparring kit which I paid for last week, a general one will probably fit but he did say that if there was any issue, consult a Dentist, hence my topic.
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You're right, you won't get a custom made gum shield for your martial arts hobby from the NHS, nor should you as NHS dentistry is not there to support hobbies.

If you require a custom made shield this would be via a private dentistry service which could cost upwards of £100.

I have a friend who practices MMA and his gum shields are 'off the shelf', not custom made. Despite MMA being a full contact sport and wearing the 'off the shelf' guard, his teeth are still intact.
People shouldn't be throwing gum at you in the first place. What martial art is this? ;)
It's not them throwing gum silly, it's to protect my gums if I get kicked in the face or worse.
Dude, Tom was joking but I guess you knew that? anyway I'm sure if you get PIP you can afford to pay for one to be specially made for you
The middle rate for DLA is the same as the standard rate for PIP as far as I'm aware.

This is true as far as I know. My husband gets the middle rate of DLA and this was shown to us as being the same as standard rate PIP.

Everyone still on DLA will eventually be moved to PIP, with many expected to actually be worse off.
I think we need to get this back on topic before the Mods get all uppity about the Political nature in which this thread is now going.

There's a mouth guard in with the sparring gear I bought off my instructor last week, I've tried it and it fits me teeth perfectly.
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