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I have a new person running my case through to the office of people with developmental disabilities

i’m not sure if I mentioned her before but she’s really nice

I want to see a local production of Matilda in my library with her

she has been very understanding so far

The OPWDDis moving along slowly but surely know if I will get into a program somewhere sometime

although sometimes I get nervous that I’ll be thrown into a situation where I can be hurt but that is very much in in the back of my mind

it’s not on the programs during the day then so much worried about is eventually needing to find housing with my grandmother is unable to take care of me anymore

she is 91 and going strong But I know it is inevitable that I will have to in sometime be having a live in a place where somebody takes care of people Even if it is many years down the line

I am worried that eventually I’m gonna be alone if I have a problem and I wont have anybody to go to

that is my worst fear although I don’t think it will happen I guess

I’m not trying to think about it but I am going to have to think about it eventually

Like how will my life be without the person than care a lot and to takes care of me
I have another relative who does help me out most of the time but he’s not going to be around forever either

but so far overall it’s going extremely well I meant to get the services I need I have my grandmother and other relative With me Who by the way is not the one who is sick

Now all I have to do is wait in the meantime which is difficult Because it’s hard to be patient after waiting so long

That is all I can mention for today both the good and the bad

I guess I just wanted to say hi and randomly update
Hi Jen.

Don't worry too much about the future, but focus on shorter-term goals. You can certainly mention your concerns to your family and your care manager, and I do think they are valid concerns - but don't let them drive you into anxiety.

I'm glad to hear you like the new person assigned to you! Thanks for updating us.
Glad you are okay. These are defintely good things to think about and shows your maturity. I really like this about you. Some people aren't able to see ahead and some people can't verbalize their concerns. You are very perceptive. Maybe you should gently probe your *new person* what choices will you have when you need a new place. I hope this doesn't happen for a long time. Some places to live in have waiting lists so that might be a possibilty. What state aid will you be eligible for? Start a notebook where you can tackle your next living situation. Think if need be, go on internet and check yourself just in case your place assisting you is backlogged. This happens everywhere, sometimes we have to find out our choices and then request assistance to make it happen. I am proud of you, you keep marching forward, it keeps me inspired. One of your fans.
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Hey Jen :)

It sounds like things are going in a positive direction for you right now, but it is always a good thing to prepare for a future that is uncertain but inevitable.
I trust that you will continue to work on what is important for now and hopefully things will be easier to sort out as they are presented to you later on.

You got this Jen, I'm pulling for you!

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