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My Daddy Passed Away Night Before Last. Please donate to this Gofundme, to help my family afford his funerary costs.


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
V.I.P Member

He was a cool guy. Surfer, Hiker, Mountain Biker, Backpacker, Horseman. Dog lover. So very gentle yet strong.

He was a good, good father. He taught us righteousness, integrity, honor, and dedication, through word and deed.

He knew karate, but never needed to use it. People respected him. Well, he did like to flip me over his shoulder onto a cushioned surface, in play, when I was a little girl. He taught me a few little strikes for protection, and how to land. That was fun.

We would go on long road trips together. He was into the Back to the Land movement, and he and my hippie mom drove us on magical mystery tours, sometimes for thousands of miles. He loved wilderness, and left every secret spot cleaner than when he found it. He taught us to do the same.

When I was young and crazy and running away from home, he found me at a youth shelter, rather than lecturing or being angry, he gave me a stern look and presented me with me a proper pack frame and supplies.

I still remember his corduroy coat. I'd wear it to school on those chilly frosty desert winter mornings. When smoke rose from smudge pots in the lemon groves, I'd have his warm coat that smelled of his tobacco. In the pocket was his favorite buck knife.

It's kinda funny. He was into Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana before I was. He got me into grunge as a kid. He knew a lot about music. I miss his guitar playing.

He picked me up one time, from a shelter over a thousand miles away, up in the northwest, and as we drove down the 199 from Grants Pass, and into Del Norte County, somewhere between Merlin and Gasquet, Del Shannon's 1961 song, "My Little Runaway" came on the oldies radio station. He smiled at me and began singing out loud- something he rarely ever did. I munched on Gardettos and smiled at my Daddy. After that moment, it became our song.

I am playing it right now.

Anyway, will you please donate to his Gofundme that my daughter set up for my Mom? Any little bit will help. She and him have been together since she was a teenager. She's never been alone. Any little bit will help her.

He drove me to every one of my cancer treatments.

When I was ready to chicken out, he would hold my trembling hand, and look me in the eye, telling me to be strong. He told me I had to beat this. I had to outlive him and take care of everyone.

And I did outlive him, because he believed in me.
I'm very sorry to read this, Yeshuasdaughter...thank you for sharing so many good stories about him and being open about your pain.
Sorry that he decided it was his time to leave. You are so brave right now. My condolences.
My condolences.

Thank you for sharing some of your cherished memories and may you find comfort and peace.
I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a family member is never easy. Even though he is gone, his sprit will always be near. He will always watch over you.
Please accept my deepest sympathies. It is comforting to remember the best of our departed loved ones. In that way, they will always remain with us.
My condolences. Sorry to hear you lost your dad, he sounds like a great man, thank you for sharing your memories about him, a bit of him will live on in each of us now.
I'm so sorry for your loss. Your dad sounds like a wonderful person. I'm sure you will always miss him but it will get easier as more time goes by. You have great memories of him.
My condolences, @Yeshuasdaughter

Your father sounds like a great and supportive man. I could only imagine the pain you are going through losing him. But the fact you live on and fight for what you believe in. No one could ever ask more of you.

Walk well the spiritual path before you. I wish you well, in all that comes next.
I have heard it said that you don't get over the death of somebody you love, but you learn to live in a changed landscape.
Peace on your journey
Peace before you - preparing the way
Peace beside you - accompanying you
Peace in your heart -guarding you
Last night I was crying and screaming "no no no" into the wee hours of the morning. Today I have been so sad.. bereft. Staring at the wall. So little energy, even the three or four cups of tea did nothing. Hugging a pillow for all it's worth. So very sad.
Tonight is the one month yartzheit of my father's passing. Very tired. Stomach ache. Easily frightened. Worried about Mom, because she's not answering her phone. Trying to be sunlight for others, whilst I'm so sad.

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