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Money and Business Woes, and What to do Now


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Hello all. A little introduction about me: I work for my father at his fledgling business. He's relied on money from family to stay afloat and things are not looking to get better, beside absolutely everyone's insistence that they are. Some of that money has come from me, albeit unwillingly. He has taken money from my drawer and my tax refund in order to make payroll and pay bills. I work for him now because I worked there before and it seemed like a decent place, and I know I'll only be paid back if I work for him, which he desperately needs.

I work as one part of a two person payroll/billing team to analyze time sheets and enter them so that the correct employee is paid the correct amount, and to bill companies the correct amount. Last week was my first week back. Coincidentally, it was the first week using a new business operations system. No one seemed prepared, despite the lead time, and it seemed like I was the only one to understand how it works on an intermediate level. Everyone else, including my coworker, were either lost or had a basic enough understanding to function. Guess who got all the help requests...me. Moving on, because no one knew which way was up, we got a late start on processing. My coworker was lost, so I had to take the lion's share of the work. She finished well before I did, and we only had half an hour to make sure a lot of people were paid correctly. I, of course, became unglued, and after lashing out at a coworker, I took a drive. I calmed down and went home, where I talked with my father. He was upset with me for not keeping my cool. Since I work with "morons" (his word, not mine) I have to be the responsible one and keep everything together. It wasn't worth arguing, so I didn't.

The next day, as if things couldn't get any worse, the software screwed up and no one got paid directly. Instead, a lot of people got checks, which we don't use anymore to pay (direct deposit usually). Many people's pay was wrong and people were hounding us for money, and rightfully so, so we had to make sure people got there money, either by having them pick it up or sending it to them directly. Luckily, I was not saddled with this task. At the time, I felt that I should be angry, but I couldn't because my father was in the room. So I made a sarcastic remark instead. He does this to me all the time and I assumed it would help break the tension. I didn't think about it until we got home, and it turns out that he was very offended and embarrassed, since it was in front of people that work for him. I point out that it wasn't meant to hurt, but I'm sorry it did, and now you know how I feel when you have demeaned me at family functions. He tries to brush it off, but I kept on him. He didn't apologize because he said that the situations were different. With family, you don't need respect. With business, you do. I didn't know what else to do, so I turned and left. I'm upstairs and he's downstairs. I don't want to go back down because he's gonna bring it up again and I don't want to talk about it.

I don't know how to proceed from here, and I decided to tell my story here and rant a bit, which does make me feel marginally better. So, I welcome your opinions. Aspiescentral, what do you think? Also, should this go in the family section instead? Just asking.
Business and family is always difficult. For a span of several years my brother worked for my father. They fought almost constantly. I wanted nothing to do with it - it was a sinking ship. Finally, the doors closed and my brother was very relieved.

I would understand very much if you wanted nothing more to do with your father's business. In effect, he kind of stole from you. I would be extremely pissed off if my dad went through my things and took what does not belong to him.

It sounds like his business model is somewhat sketchy considering he's got competition from Fortune 500s. Even when my family's business was up and running, we used ADP as our payroll processor.
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He did steal from me, but I can't bring myself to do anything about it since I live in his house and eat his food. So I can't be too mad, but I'm mad all the same.

Also, what kind of troubles did you have from ADP? Does this kind of thing happen a lot?
We had no problems whatsoever in the 30 plus years we've used ADP. My dad shopped for a local processor but the prices weren't remotely competitive.
We just had the problem with ADP. The new system's data transfer didn't go well and we were assured things that weren't delivered. Just a botched rollout altogether.
We just had the problem with ADP. The new system's data transfer didn't go well and we were assured things that weren't delivered. Just a botched rollout altogether.
Ouch! Oh man that's a bad day. Sorry you had to bear the brunt of that.

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