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Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking

Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking 2015-02-05


Mage, Sage, Revolutionary
Aspergirl4hire submitted a new resource:

Loud Hands: autistic people, speaking - Autism speaks for itself: essays, stories, photos, and poems

Loud Hands begins with a pun: the loud hands of a stim becoming the loud hands on the keyboard.

It opens with a dedication to 36 children "and all of the names we may never know" and the hope that they rest in peace. One was six months old and died at the hands of his mother because he was believed autistic. The oldest was 22.

It starts with an essay: "Don't Mourn for Us," in which Jim Sinclair argues that autism is not death, but is grieved by parents as if it were; that...

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My just posted Review: I read the preview pages on A m a z o n. Fantastic. I am ordering this book for myself & copies as gifts for several family members. Eye opening, & so touching. Every person who knows an autistic person should read this book. (I'm still teary eyed. And I am not a big cryer.)

THANK YOU Aspergirl4hire! I doubt I would have come upon this book if you had not mentioned & posted about it! Thanks!
Aspergirl4hire submitted a new resource:

Loud Hands: autistic people, speaking - Autism speaks for itself: essays, stories, photos, and poems

Read more about this resource...
I look forward to reading more of your thoughts & feedback on the book. And I look forward to receiving my copy to finish reading it myself. I hope that besides everything else, it's also a cathartic read for Auties & Aspies. After some grieving, I truly hope that the feelings of HOPE & optimism replace despair.
I will be updating the resource summary as time permits with some additional snippets. I'm glad the Amazon review helped, and I think nothing beats an inside look in a little more detail for people looking for some specific help--from the people who know this best. Us.

CHANGES SINCE ORIGINAL POSTING: Added review lines for "low-functioning" and "paradigm shift"--which are related, since the phrase "low functioning" loses its meaning when we redefine what normal is, and moreover, what it means to accept diversity.
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I would like to make a review of this book as you mentioned before purchasing it. How helpful this book would be?
I thought the book was very moving and insightful. I appreciated the wide range of topics (history, therapy, self-acceptance, a better future, etc.).

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