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Lilith snake


Well-Known Member
Gave puppy away, she annoyed me wanting to be payed, barking at everything moved. So I got Lilith my snake, who roams freely around the house, she even curled up in my bed on cold night. Spent few hours staring into space, being doing this a lot, just lacking motivation, failing to be happy in this world and hating the way people are....
Trying very hard to not be rude but I just find people so fake, in my latest pessimistic outlook I no longer believe autism creates genius,

Decided in my next life I want a cure for autism, that no matter what I do or how hard I work, I'm a failure to meet NT standards.
Lilith comes close at times, she glides along my fingers and hisses her tongue on my cheek, I think she is so awesome and only creature who understands me, sadly she is best sympathy that doesn't bother me crying, she seems to just linger in gentle way
I am sorry that you are feeling down and pessimistic. Depression and depressive symptoms are common for autistic folk, since it is so difficult to fit into a society not necessarily created for people on the spectrum, but rather, catered to NTs.

I am glad you have found some sort of comfort in your Lilith snake. :)
What type of snake is Lilith?

I had a Boa when I was in my teens. It made a wonderful pet and roamed free in the house also.
It sat with me and was always content. I like the feel of their skin.
Lilith is just a little mole snake my boys friends caught.....but I kinda like the way she sleeps by me.
I think it's just politics getting me down, and then feeling that whilst others operate on financial agenda, I miss....then I hyperfocus on money but I don't think I fit in this country, or click. Keep thinking of going to Australia, thinking I'd get more appreciated there.
I had to look mole snake up. Not familiar with it.
Australia sounds like a good place. I always wanted to move to New Zealand.
It just never happened though.

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