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Just a tip when listening to audio some of us may prefer


Hi, with learning about Autism since post diagnosis and it's been quite a bit of time now. I years ago by error downloaded an Audio Bible that was dramatised. I struggled with it a lot. I even briefly mentioned it in the forum already, that I had to stop and start and was given advice not to be that bothered and just do it and it was good to just listen. The characters would speak that were in fury at times and different things and I struggled more with the tone of some of this and also rate of speech. So many voices was going like at the same time, coversation not for me so much. I can though at times myself do that when so overwhelmed talk more thoughI rarely at times and sometimes I do not really speak at all. This happened for about one month in a hospital after stopped getting my favourite fruit apples, but for decades it's been Pink Lady apples not lol. I was held by several staff-I had to follow a meal plan. Moving on swiftly.

However, as a listener I think perhaps the Autism may be involved. Just by chances I was looking at an Audio Bible website again recently and saw that there are dramatised versions. Now, I like the arts still, but this dramatised version for me was just too much to cope with. I used to say things like it sounds like a drama lol all over the place a bit more, people raising their voices etc. I don't thrive on conflict.

At church the speaker doing the sermons at times can speak too fast for me, but using my glasses as well is useful and I can take the weekly leaflet home to read the sermons and mediate on them in my own time, so win. I have even had it dropped to my door by my rector freely, she is great, but I certainly feel odd with just taking one home when they go back on the table after. I told my rector this and considering that she drops them to me as live like less than 5 minutes away should calm my fears a bit.

So this could relate to anybody all faiths, and we all have different likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.....

The good thing is that the non drama version I am finding more soothing and getting a lot more from it and not stopping and replaying as I did so much with the audio drama. Even my dad told me after I told him he hasn't had an audio drama for years and is retired. I really had no idea and was busy probably that day as well, but kept on saying it seems like a drama lol.
I'm liking that things seem to be sticking a bit more better now in my mind to remember what I heard. I wish I could read more of my Bible I have done it in the past but lost some memory, but it still at times appear to be there more even than I was aware of. Also because of my health situation and glasses with reading it's surely harder now to find the correct font etc. Audio's help me relax more and retro cassesstes that is lol. I however bought one on Amazon and it was no joke, i like millymollymandy old classics enough to follow through etc.

Btw, I like the Faith Comes by Hearing website for audio Bible's.
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