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Is it normal to have friends younger than you? Even up to ages from 10 to 20 years younger.

Tony Ramirez

Single. Persecution complex.
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I only have one friend, one Molly my age but basically every friend from Ashley who is 35 to others ranging from 30 to maybe 38 the second oldest. Otherwise I think Madison is 27 or 28 but what is weird is that she is friends with Molly who is also 45 or 46. So I am basically asking is it weird or strange that their an age gap in our friendships as I have deep friendships with all of these people dispute there age differences and I don't care either way?
Two amazing people I met and befriended here are 50+, while I myself am 28. Not sure how the age is a problem for a friendship, but it's funny to think that they both are the age of my parents, and while I hate my parents, I love both these my new friends. So no, it isn't strange, and if someone tells you otherwise - send them away :)
I have friends of all different ages. When I was 24 I met a friend at my volunteering job who was only 15. I think she's on the spectrum. But her parents liked her hanging out with me because they felt I was a good influence on her. They were right.
I've always had friends and/or spouses who have been around 10-20 years older than me. I don't know why really, but we've just gotten along the best and it's just happened naturally. I don't think it's strange, for me it was just normal. Now my best and practically my only friend is a bit younger than me, and I'm trying to learn to keep up with my friend, as I'm not so used to that much of youthful attitude and energy, but it's nice to learn from it too. :) Luckily there's that nerdy aspect too in our communications, that's what I like the most regardless of age.
I have generally happened to have my closest friends be 5-10 years younger than me, but right now, my best friend is older.
Consider such a question from a more "clinical" source. They would concur with the opinions offered here as well:

"An age gap in friendship can open you to the potential of new experiences and a fresh perspective. Find out what happens when you form a friendship that’s based on mutual interests and shared values."

Your so right. I bond better with people younger with me. I just thought it was weird and wrong until I saw it was quite common. Also looking young helps and when I actually tell them my age they don't believe me. They think I am actually around there age. Doing yoga I now feel their age
Context matters. A 40 year old man being friends with a 20 year old woman is much different than a 55 year old man being friends with a 35 year old man.
That's what confuses the heck out of me what you said. If the ages were reversed or the genders were reversed. Again that's why I guessed the ultimate point of the question. Of course all of my female friends are over 25 with the youngest being possibility Madison. Majority female friends in their 30s.

BTW I also friends with a couple my age as is a British woman Tracy Lee.
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One friend is my age. One is 9 years older (75 to my 66). Two are in their 40s. One is in his 30s.
So they range from +9 to -30 years from my age.
I am hanging out with a new group of people mixed genders right now all 20s I think one guy maybe late 30's playing games. I feel fine because they accept me because never asked about my age. They actually know about all the music I grew up with and even the movies I grew up watching.
I'm just impressed by how many friends you have. I rarely have more than 1 or 2. Then some acquaintances. My partner has more friends than me, yet neither of us socialises much at all with friends, they tend to be fellow volunteers at different projects we work at, so we socialise through work. I have always done that. Ditto my partner I think.

I can't really think how to socialise any other way, I just don't get unstructured social interaction. What's that song, "You say Party, I say Pointless, Let's call the whole thing off!" Heh heh.
I'm just impressed by how many friends you have.
I know and I just want more.i just want to keep socializing.i I know it can cause autistic burnout but sometimes I don't care but should as burnout is not good and I do need time like now to stim at home now which I am doing right now to recover from masking for over 5 hours.

At my church tomorrow they all know if my ASD and I can stim openly without judgement there.
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Most tended to be 15-25 years older. They are all gone now.
One gal was my neighbor next door- when she was young, she was part of the Austrian resistance. Her father was anti-war, and he was abducted one night.
By the way there is a name for it and it is becoming the norm now it's called Intergenerational friendships.
I’ve always had friends who were older and younger than myself. I’m in my early 50’s now, and among my friends today, I have one friend who’s in his 70’s, and a few friends who are in their 20’s and 30’s. I socialize, play games, and go places with them.
I've had friends of all ages over the years some older that I learned from some younger that I mentored.
The game group I hung out with yesterday I know the two girls and guys have a strong bonded friendship from their church, they are nice. The women are in their early 20s, one said she was born in 2000. Yet the guy was definitely at least born in the late 70s or mid to early 80s as he mentioned when he was younger he got online using a computer phone line dial up modem. So they had to at least be two generations apart yet they are close best friends even traveling to his parents place. So age and gender does not affect friendship.

Now I don't feel so out of place. Now I don't feel creepy just being casual friends with Madison or friend with any other woman from church.

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